What would be a better dog Husky or Husky wolf hybrid?

Im looking at Siberian Huskies and Husky/wolf hybrids.
one of the main reasons i chose huskies is cause of there little odor and activeness.
I need a dog that will keep me company on daily runs, protect my family and that will be O.K if im gone for 2-5 hours atleast.

I hear huskies arent good guard dogs…but is it possible to train them so that if I command them to they cand do something?
And also, Do wolf/huskies smell alot? are they more loyal than pure breds? the reason i ask about the smell is cause my mom HATES doggy smell. and im really trying to find a dog that has little to no odor because of it.
are husky wolves more protective? and are they both equally difficult to train?

in general what is a better dog…Pure Bred Sibe or husky/wolf?(wolf content would be like 40-70%)
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Gosh im havin some issues here 10 pts. for good advice!?

My b/f and i have been together for about 2 years. We have been through it all. We kinda sorta live together (he had his own place and roomie, and he wanted me to stay every night lol). We met at our work, and i initiated it. He treated me like a princess then he quit his job at comcast and started his own landscaping business which ended up kinda floppin there at the end. He went kinda broke, and i supported him a little like food and gas n little things like that that are a big help. His lease finally ran out and we moved to our parents places staying at his house and my house. We have been on the rocks so many times it makes it difficult. We have fough and left eachother at places because we get mad just a bunch of nonsense. We’ve been through so much we’ve lost eachother on the way in a sense. Neither one of us wants to give up on the other. We both need to fix things and we know this. We haven’t had a fight in awhile until lastnight. it was kind of rough he acted like he was leavin and i was sobbing like a fool and he just couldn’t leave and he told me he didnt want to. We both said we need to swipe the slate clean of our young immature past. This is more stressful than my finals. What should we do as a couple? He has gotten a lil cold and it makes me push harder which in return may be pushing him away. We’re not always fighting though…he’s like my bestfriend and lover. We play with eachother and have sooo much fun, and we still you know. He would never be unfaithful and nor would i. Were at the age were marrige starts to come up, and i want to be with him forever, and he says he wants the same, but then we both have our doubts b/c of the fighting and disagreements. If we both want this do you think we can repair it? Is it too late? any advice would be appreciated.

P.S.- im 20 years old and my b/f is 23. So this isn’t some high school relationship this is way more serious than that.
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Letting a 3yr old cry it out at bedtime?

I have a 3yr old son that has been through a lot of transistion in the last year. Due to circumstances beyond my control we haven’t been able to keep a daily schedule for more then a couple of months. Bedtime has been a nightmare for the last couple of months. Even though are routine has had a lot of variation, I always let him settle down with a movie till he fell asleep and then would move him to his bed. He always nodded off between 8:30 and 10:00. After my mother came back from surgery, we still did the movie but he’d be up till 11, 12, 1 o’clock. I thought eventually being up that late he would settle back down to sleeping earlier. I was wrong, he is like a mean drunk by the time I pick him up from daycare, I know this is because he is not getting an enough sleep. Well, over the past week I have put my foot down, we now do bedtime at 9 and soon 8. After a story he goes directly into his own bed, he screams for almost 1/2 hour. He eventually falls asleep, is it ok to do this
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