My cat died she was 11 years old. I got her when she was just a kitten for my son. They are in Virginia?

We live in NY but the kids are on vacation in VA. Should I wait until they come home. The kids are 10 and 13 and our kitty has been with us before my daughter was born. My son is so attached to his kitty. I am devestated, she died in my arms, I know it was cause she was old but it still hurts. I dont want to tell the kids but should I while they are there or wait till they come home? They are gone till saturday.
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What did you think of Donald Trump &quot:buying&quot: raw?

i dont really have a problem with it even though i wuldve liked it if it was someone to do with wrestling but its culd b worse and i think Trump wont b on tv that much i think next week he’ll hire a GM who will b opn tv for most of the time Trump will make some appearences and thats it i dont think it’ll b that bad i mean Mike Adamle was a lot worse then this i mean come on

BQ is HHH vs Orton set for the Bash or just for next week cuz on it says its on The Bash and raw so whos right
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My friend is riding a green horse bareback, good idea?

My friend is riding a green horse bareback, is it a good idea?
Is it dangerous for my friend to be riding her green 5yrs old black mustang gelding bareback?

The horse(names Dakota) seemed alittle eerie when she rides him bareback, well to me he looks that way i could just be worrying to much, is it a good idea or should i tell her otherwise? Kaitlin(my friend) is a new horse owner like me so i dont know if its good or not .
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What would cause a 7 year old to poop his pants several times a day?

My friend has a 7 year old boy who has been doing odd things lately. About 2 months ago he was very picky about what he would eat. He saw black stuff in all his food and even in his drinks. That only lasted a few weeks. Now for about the last month he has been pooping in his pants several times a day. The poop is not diarrhea and just small amounts basically like what you would call a shart . He doesnt tell any one just goes on as usual until some one smells him. He will see a DR next week but was just curious to see what people thought. Could this be caused by lactose intolerance? Wouldnt it be weird to develop dairy allergies all of a sudden like that?
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Why do liberals make themselves economic victims?

So capitalism is a liberals worst enemy as far as to what I can get out of a few dozen media snipits on the news. A protestor gets a camera and a microphone for 15 seconds and adding up all of the 15 second snipits, I still can’t figure out what the hell they’re crying about – except….

===&amp:gt:&amp:gt:&amp:gt: Coming out of the mouths of those who spend more time crying about those who earn it &amp: they’re not paying enough to those who feel they’re entitled to it.

WTF is the 1% vs. 99% nonsense. Do any of these people have any clue that the latest Nobel prize winning economists who are recognized the best in their fields says Obama’s jobs plan is naive and that you can tax that 1% rich and take every dollar they make and it still won’t dent just the interest rate on $5 trillion Obama has added to the debt?

Why are libs not getting this while they hold up these idiotic signs for a photo op?

===&amp:gt: P.S. If they’re angry at what they call corporate greed, I get that. As a protest – How about stop purchasing their products, do you get that?

Does that about sum it up?
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Reliability: Chevy Cavalier or Pontiac Sunfire?

Which one would be more reliable? I understand that they’re cheap cars, but I just graduated and have student loans to pay off, so I need something small and cheap. Anyway, I’m looking at both a Sunfire and a Cavalier, the sunfire is a 2000 and the cavalier is a 99. Both have the same amount of miles pretty much. Is one better than the other or does it not matter?
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