Do the Japanese really know what the Japanese Army did during World War 2?

I do wonder if the Japanese people in general really knew what occurred during World War 2? Do they know that there is something different in their history books as compared to other nations in the world?

I live in a country that was occupied by the Japanese. It was not a happy time. The stories are fantastic but you cannot dismiss them as fantasy because you hear various versions of the same event, of the same practises from different families and friends.

I am not about rehashing anger. But I would think the the truth is important. And those that do not know their History are doomed to repeat it.
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Now that the war is over the media apologies, is that fair play?

Now that the Hamas-Israel war is finish the media including spokesman apologies and clarify: such is the case of the UN where Maxwell Gaylord clarifies that Israel did not shot at the UN school, CNN removed the video of Mads Gilbert due to the lack of authenticity, France 2 TV apologies for using old material, Melbourne’s daily paper apologies for his material, BBC admited an error in its broadcasting and so on…

The media runs for the header but no one cares if that is true or not, what do you think? is the media objetive or more for profit
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Do you think that since those that are so vehemently opposed to gay marriage use the Bible to…………..?

justify their bigotry &amp: prejudice, that we should also use such sins as Adultery, Divorce, Lying, Fornication, Masturb*tion, eating shell fish, all sex acts before or after marriage, only sex within mariage only to procreate, to name a few?
And since many millions of straight married couples do not produce children, either because they physically cannot reproduce due to age or reproductive reasons or choice, should they too not be allowed to marry?
Especially should we refuse the marriage to those who go in complete opposition to the direct words of Jesus Christ Himself in defense of a PROTITUTE when he told the others who wanted to stone her to death, Judge thee not, lest thee be judged.?
Taking into consideration that we are only talking about legalized same sex marriage by the STATE and not the church. In Massachusetts where they have had leagalized gay marriage for years now, there is NO requirement for any church to perform a gay marriage or sanction one: although many do?
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