how many forgot there windows xp user account login password ?

how many have set a user account password on there windows xp system then forgot the password if they dont have a COMPUTER ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT USER ID to get back in to the desktop by safe mode to reset there password / most people when asking what can they do are told &amp:gt:&amp:gt:&amp:gt:&amp:gt:&amp:gt:you need to format the hard drive and start again …. no such thing you dont need to do that here is a tip for everone on windows xp system
get you back in to your windows xp user account if you forget you user
account password

shut down the computer remove the power cable
take the computer cover off
now look in side the computer
next to the computer motherboard or nxt to it

there is a silver battery it is a silver clip silver battery
you remove the silver battery wait for 1 minute .. 1 minute not 30 seconds you must keep the silver battery off for 1 minute then you put the silver battery back on then you put the cover back on the computer then you put the power cable back on the power point at the back of the computer then you restart your computer
and you will come back to the user account login screen click on your user account and windows xp will login with out asking for the user account password then you click on start /control panel click on user account icon … then you click on your user account icon and creat a new password xp with all your settings
windows xp with all your settings will be as they was befor you lost your password all your desktop settings and files will still be there …then restart your pc for settings to be saved… no need to format the hard drive at all
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A year from now, how will Obama or Hillary handle a Syria/North Korea nuclear threat?

Let’s put aside the fact that

Hillary is a WOMAN
Obama is a BLACK MAN

Try and imagine either one of them confronting a nuclear threat as engineered by the two Axes of Evil: North Korea and Syria.

A White House statement said North Korea may have assisted Syria’s nuclear activities building a covert nuclear reactor destroyed (by Israel) last year.

A working reactor would make Syria the first Arab nation with nuclear capability and would potentially put nuclear weapons in the hands of a regime that the United States accuses of committing human rights abuses and supporting international terror groups.


People, the times are telling us that this upcoming
Presidential election might be the most important in
history for the security of the United States and it’s allies.

Who would you feel more secure with as President?
John McCain?
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Why do people reject the Book of Mormon without reading it?

Especially those who believe the Bible which tells us to prove all things. In the Book of Mormon we find a powerful witness for the divinity, life, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have 500+ pages of new scriptures that were given to us by the power of God.

Yet people reject it without reading it. Even ignoring all the external physical evidence for it, we have the 12 witnesses who testified to their dying day that the record was revealed by God. Some were killed for their testimony and sealed it in their blood. We also have a promise within it’s pages that those who read and ponder the mercy of the Lord, and who will humble themselves before God, and ask Him will know for themselves that the Book of Mormon is true.

I can promise that God will reveal the Book of Mormon to be true. The Holy Spirit has testified to me that it’s true. That Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that God still reveals His will to His servants today. But don’t take my word for it. Read it yourself.
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Long distance relationship-teenagers-advice?

Hey guys. So I’m needing some advice. I’m a 16yr girl who has fallen for a guy that lives about 3 hrs away. The plus side to it all is our parents went to school together and him and I were raised together. So we’ve always been familiar with each other.

Sadly two years ago I moved away… but we stayed in touch. Of course we’ve been in relationships with other people, but at the beginning of this year we started having different feelings for one another. Fortunately, I’m currently visiting family where he lives… and got to spend time with him. It was incredible. Kind of like the movies, where we ran into each other’s arms and just hugged forever.

Just wanting some advice… if anyone thinks it’ll work out? Because we can drive and because we feel so strongly about one another I feel it’ll work out if we really want it to.
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Your all-time favorite movie quote?

Favorite quote from a movie?

You can list two if you really can’t decide.

&quot:Oh, and she inexplictly mails me a cactus gram every Valentine’s Day, and I’m like, ‘Thanks a heap Coyote Ugly. This cactus gram stings worse than your abandonment.’&quot:- Juno

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off::
&quot:Life comes at you pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.&quot:- Ferris Bueller

Any thoughts?
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Do I have BRAIN TUMOR TO YOU? Please answer im scared?

Its been several years where I randomly get this very light headache i think on the front right of my head this one spot.What happens is I randomly have a slight somewhat pain not painful enough to stop daily activities but noticeable lasting for a few minutes then I get it maybe 1 month later etc.Now when I think about it I can feel something weird on the top right of forehead when i think about it like right now.Please answer im scared I have no other symptoms then this
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