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My puppy smells bad/litter box also?

I just got a new puppy, its a female and its a pick-a-poo. We got her a litter box, but we can’t sit in the living room anymore because of the bad smell.
Please help me out, I was thinking getting litter for cats, the one that eliminates the bad odors, will that work?
I change her food also, because I thought it was due to the food, but no.
Please help me
ALSO be serious, I don’t have time for people judging others.

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Atheists,why don t you &quot:butt in&quot: and give your personal opinions on questions about scripture more often?

Besides the God isn’t real answerWhen people ask questions about what do you think this verse means or question doctrines of religion it could use an un-biased view from you,do you think that if you don’t believe in God(s) that you aren’t allowed to have an opinion on the way a scripture is interpreted(because i feel that alot of you studied the bible before coming to a conclusion to be an atheist) Did you have any opinions on the trinity,or what the word hell actually meant before you decided that it was made-up? I hope this makes sense,i know you don’t believe in the bible being nothing more than a fairy-tale so i might have just answered my own crazy question,i guess i’ll find out because i’m fixing to hit the submit button(no going back now)
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How do I always listen to my music on the radio when my sister likes crappy pop music?

I like rock an I hate rap and pop with a passion. I always listened to my radio station and my music in the car until my sister began listening to talentless pop artists and music. Thing is though, when I’m in the car I DEMAND that pop and rap be turned off or replaced with much better music (rock). She hates my music but can tolerate it. I CAN’T tolerate and will not tolerate her music but she says she’s not listening to my music and wants to listen to hers. How do I get my way so that we only listen to my music and not her crappy music.
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