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Baby name questions for you!?

Choose one of these men that most appeals to you!

1. Adam Klauss- Originally from Germany, tall, tan, bright green eyes, handsome, family oriented, loves Lacrosse and basketball, is a successful business man and a slight work-aholic, drives a nice car. If he has kids he wants them to probably go to private school and have very successful careers.

2. Jason Owens- Brown wild curly hair, piercing blue eyes, pale, tall, skinny, hard on the outside but a big softy on the inside, is in a band and very artistic, has that don’t care attitude, has tattoos, his parents have money but he doesnt care about that. If he has kids one day he wants them to be creative, play instruments, and not care what people think.

3. Levi Fisher- All American boy, has curly b londe hair, hazel eyes, buff, loves to be outdoors fishing, hiking, etc, not the richest guy but very caring, a bit of a partier but not in a bad way. If he has kids he’d love to raise them in the country either riding horses or fishing.

Which guy do you choose!!!??

1. If you chose Adam:

a: You have a HUGE wedding over 200 people at a fancy hotel, your wedding night you get pregnant
and 9 months later you have a beautiful baby girl! She has light brown girly hair and green eyes. Her first name has to be long and very traditional, middle after a gemstone! What is her full name?

2. If you chose Jason:
You have a spur of the moment wedding in Las Vegas! You were a bit drunk but happy you did it! A year later you find out you are pregnant with boy and girl twins! The boy has jet black hair and dads piercing blue eyes, the girl has red hair and light brown eyes. You want the first names to be quirky and original, middle names are after an artist or famous musician/singer.

3. If you chose Levi:

2 years of dating you guys have a big beautiful wedding in the country, you even come in on horses for the wedding! Levi is dying to have kids, especially boys, and he gets his wish! Both boys first names end in on (Mason, Easton, etc), and their middle names are very country or nature related, what do you call them!

Feel free to describe your kids and family when they are grown up, star if you want another!
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Why has my 10 month old kitten starting pooing around the house? Help!?

I have two kittens both sisters and they are 10 months old. This last week, one of my kittens called Mimi has started pooing around the kitchen. She even pooed and urinated in the kitchen sink last night! She was being really naughty last night as well, attacking things and messing around alot, she was purring though and seemed happy but just acting up a bit more. She has a litter tray which she uses all the time but then this last week as well as using her litter tray, she has pooed in on the kitchen floor and sink etc! I wouldnt say its a medical problem as she is such a happy but naughty kitten with a very healthy appetite and doesnt seem ill! Anybody have any ideas why she has started doing this? Also anybody have any ideas of how to discipline her? Heard smacking them is a no no and she doesnt listen when i shout at her.
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I want to improve my car stereo?

What should I do to improve my car stereo? I want to do it kinda piece by piece but without limiting my options if you know what I mean. I don’t need something extremely fancy I just want it to sound goooood! Subs amp speakers and a new deck maybe. But I know that if I buy cheap speakers and an expensive amp I am not getting everything out of it. I hop this makes sense but I just want to know where to start maybe a list of like buy this first then second… ect. Maybe even suggests exact brands and such for each item. Oh and should I stick with the same brand? Also I am a girl How much does it cost to install and I would love to do it myself if possible… recommended or not?
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