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Are there good reasons to believe that God does not exist?

Now, before you answer, please re-read the question. This is not the typical Atheists, why don’t you believe in God? question that appears every, oh, seven minutes on Yahoo! Answers.

I’m asking: Are there positive reasons to think that God does not exist?

I’ve seen the Problem of Evil argument. It’s severely flawed. But it’s also the best argument against God’s existence, which is not saying much. I’m convinced that atheists — although they all claim to be enlightened and intelligent and swayed by the truths of science — are really either angry or hurt or simply blinded by preconceived notions and unable to open their mind to anything beyond the natural world.

Now, I know that the atheists disagree. But please enlighten me, seriously.

I’ve seen the oft-repeated claims that atheism is simply lack of belief. I’ve also seen the claim You can’t prove a negative. Neither impress me, and both are illogical.

Are there good reasons to believe that a God does not exist?
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Why do people blame Obama for the government intervention in banks, GM, and Chrysler?

1. Fact – It was the CEO’s of these corporations that failed. The CEO is responsible for the operation of their company. When Lehman Brothers is leveraged 25:1 and then they borrow more, that was a stupid decision that made them fail, not Obama, who was a senator at the time. If GM didn’t make such poor decisions regarding cars and quality, they would have been in better shape. But these guys caused their own companies to fail, not Obama. Unless you think that CEO’s who get paid billions are not responsible for their own companies.

2. Fact – If the CEO’s of these companies ran their companies well, then the Government would not have to get involved. Plain and simple.

3. Fact – All these corporations that you claim the government now owns unconstitutionally actually ASKED the Bush and Obama administrations for help. In fact, they flew on corporate jets and walked on bended knee with arms outstretched to beg the government for financial help. They pleaded with congress, arguing about the dangers of not helping them. They ASKED for help! They lobbied for help! Obama did not force anyone to take anything. They always had the opportunity to refuse it like Ford did. Why Blame Obama?

How can any right minded person actually blame Obama for this?

Fact – He didn’t ask for this.
Fact – He did not cause this
Fact – He did what all the top economists, experts, and professionals suggested he do.

What would you have done? The same thing.

If you are mad at anyone, you should be mad at the CEO’s and corporate America for not being responsible with their companies and taking on too much risk! THAT is where your anger should be, not Obama.
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