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Do you believe the polls that Obama and Romney are neck and neck?

Women voters now prefer Obama to Romney by a double-digit margin of at least 14 points according to one poll. More than a few say that it is virtually impossible to win an election with that many women committed to the other candidate.
Hispanic voters favor Obama by a nearly 6 to 1 margin according to a poll conducted by FOX News Latino. Hispanics are becoming a critical constituency in states like Colorado and Arizona, let alone Texas.
African American voters are once again expected to come out in large numbers (close to 90 percent) in favor of Obama.
Although the rock star image has been tarnished somewhat due to the realities of politics and governing, which can be hard for the more idealistic young to stomach, it does appear that they will once again be more solidly in Obama’s corner this time just like last election, although not as fervently as before. But even if they come out in lower numbers, the likelihood of them gambling on Mitt Romney this time around seems, well, remote to say the least.
Not only are the Teamsters throwing their support behind Obama, which wasn’t necessarily a shock, but they are committing thousands of door-to-door volunteers who now have the ability to knock not just on the doors of other union members but the general population. This could go a long way toward attracting the white working class that so many say are weary of Obama, especially in states like my home state Of Michigan and also Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
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The Netherlands? PLEASE! HELP!?

im doing a report on the netherlands…. I ReaLLY NEED HELP! but only with a few questions.
okay, so wikipedia states that the Netherlands Goverment during World War 2 was this: Subsequently the Dutch government and the royal family went into exile in London while Nazi Germany installed a pro-Nazi government. The occupying forces were supoported by a minority of the Dutch.

WHAT?! it says to pick a goverment: im totally confused!
okay, another question is what are their primary ethnic(cultural) or Religious groups?

thanks so much!
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Obama could be the worst president ever? Or the best? Let me know?

I’d like to know what you think. It is so obvious of all of the bad he has done, but some liberals look past this compelling evidence and accuse you of being a racist or right-winged. The DOW is as low as it has ever been in 12 years, it has almost fell in HALF since Obama has been elected. AIG just got another bailout, he used 1 MILLION dollars of taxpayer dollars to fly to Las Vegas to sign the stimulus package, so he would have a nice background instead of doing it in Washington. I mean all of the bad things he has done and he’s been in a little over a month! Can someone tell me something good he has done, citing your sources? I am here for an intelligent discussion, not you liberals who sit around and chant Obama all day and think he will save this economy. In Bush’s last year as president, he made stupid calls and did stupid things. However Obama is making these worse. Ronald Reagan once said :The government is not the solution to the economy, it is the problem of the economy What he means is that the government needs to step back and let the people slowly work it out themselves. Let me know why you like or dislike Obama, and let me know where you got your info from. Thanks!
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Safety tips for an American female traveling to Peshawar Pakistan?

Hello all,
I am a 22 y/o female who is planning on taking a trip to Peshawar this summer. I am staying with a friend and her family. They are all so kind and they are very excited that I am coming. I already feel welcomed and loved, and I haven’t even left yet 🙂 I thrive on adventure and traveling. I love meeting new people who have different perspectives and cultures. I also love doing service work, and I know that there will be many opportunities here. This will by far be the most interesting and exotic place that I will have traveled to. I know that it will be life changing, but I also understand that it can be dangerous. I have been doing research for several months, and I have been adding extra work hours to save up money for this trip, in short I am very dedicated to making this happen. I would love to hear experiences and travel tips from people who have been there, and I would also love to learn more from the natives. If you have any input, I would be very grateful. I can read for many hours about Pakistan, so please write as much as you wish!! Also, if you have any experience anywhere else in Pakistan, I would love to hear more about that. Thank you very much!
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How many Lakers Fans are NOT from LA?

I don’t judge people if you are not from LA i understand your pain ….. and honestly i am not from LA but from The Bay area still in cali but i still love my Lakers.

I understand your pain if you are not from LA or Cali because .. i know this has nothing to do with B-ball but it does go with my point……. I am from Cali and my Fav team is the Yankees in NY and i feel i am a true Fan and simple people not From LA Laker Fans…… screw what people tell you,
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