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Pontiac Grand Prix Intake Manifold Gasket?

I recently changed the intake manifold gasket on my 99 Grand Prix and now it sometimes takes a few seconds longer to start than it should but once it starts it runs fine…also there is a strange sound coming from the pulley side of the engine and it sounds like it is coming from the intake manifold. Any ideas on what i did wrong would be appreciated.
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I hate being American!?

Americans are always being criticized! Oh, Americans are slobs Americans have no class She has an American accent It’s soo annoying! We’re not all white trash. I live in Europe and people are always making fun of me. Does anyone feel the same way? That people shouldn’t put us in a box?
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2 1/2&quot: groups at 100 yds. Worth accurizing further?

I have a 1939 Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30, manufactured at Izhevesk arsenal. She’s got a very good bore and undamaged bore crown.
I am using her as a deer rifle and got my first doe ever last season, using iron sights at about 40-50 yds.
I have put in a Huber Concepts adjustable trigger set to about 5lbs and a custom made bent-handled bolt with extremely good headspacing. I’ve gotten 2 1/2 groups off a rest, all in the black, using bullseye pistol targets (8 1/2 black) at 100yds.
I would like to consider the possibility of someday mounting a reproduction WWII PE top-mounted scope from AccuMounts, but don’t feel that it’s worth $300+ (not including gunsmithing) unless it’s grouping at least a little tighter using the iron sights. These scopes are only 4X, but my 46 yr old eyes have some trouble focusing on both the front post and rear blade at the same time. (No-line bifocals.)
BTW, for those in the know about the history of Soviet sniper scopes and mounts, this is a low-walled reciever. Top-mounts only: no Enemy at the Gates PU scopes need apply.
I’d like ideas on whether further accurizing is worth it.
I’ve already had the lecture on should’ve bought a new rifle at Cabela’s. This is not just about having a state of the art tack-driver that happens to be able to kill a deer, it’s a hobby project to have fun geting a WWII-era rifle up to its full potential without destroying the historical look and feel. (Yes, I’m kind of a wierd person about MilSurp firearms.)
I can float the barrel myself using sandpaper and a socket from a wrench set, but I have recieved varying opinions as to whether the barrel should be full-floated or be rested against a felt insert inside the very end of the handguard.
This is a long rifle, at 48.58 overall length with a 28.74 barrel, hence my concerns about whether or not to have something damping the barrel at the end of the handguard.
I would be very interested in:
1) Answers from anyone who is an actual gunsmith with experience on these rifles.
2) Answers from 91/30 collectors with extensive experience accurizing these rifles on a regular basis.
3) Estimated gunsmithing costs of bedding actions, as well as mounting and boresighting scopes on these rifles.
TIA to anyone who can help!
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Christianity VS Islam: Which religon appears to be logical?

Islam VS Christians

Have you read the Qu’raan in english translation in your libary?

Have you read the many versions of the bibles?

Compared and Contrasted..

The only religon which beliefs is in ONE God is islam, whereas Christians associate partners with God. Islam has only one book whereas chrisitans has many ? Islam believe in prophets of God including Adam, Noah, Enoch, Joesph, John, Jacob, Lot, David,Solomon, Abraham, Ishameal, Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammed pbuh. Christians do not believe in Mohammed PBUH as a messenger and take a man as God. They associate partners with God, as him having a son/sometimes catholics like that God has a mother called Mary. Islam believes in the oness of God which is logical wheras Christians believe that God is many ( polystic religon). There are many versions of the bible that all compete to be the truth, whereas in Islam there is only one book.

The above, summary is some key princples of the faiths. Can anyone else disguinsh the difference between Islam and Christanity and which one for you is more logical. Please, do not be biased and give both the religons and do not make anti-islam hatred because that won’t express your beliefs.

Thank you.
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Question For Jehovah s Witnesses(I NEED ADVICE)?

okay im 20 years old,im studying to be a Jehovah’s witness..I hope to become one soon. I graduated high school in 2012,and i havent found not 1 job. I been filling out application,after application..No one will give me a chance because I have No Experience. how are you supposed to gain experience if no one will hire you to give you that experience? But yeah ive been searching hard,and nothing is happpening i constantly pray about it and work hard towards it but im not seeing any results. My mom saysPut Jehovah First,And Other Things Will Come But I Am Putting him first. although i am imperfect and i have ALOT of things to work on, I still changed alot..for the better. I just recently cut off my friendship with my bestfriend that i knew for 9 YEARS because her religion was Pentecostal and thats considered as Bad Association that was one of the hardest things i ever had to do. I was sexually assaulted when i was 16..I had low self esteem,and i even have to take pills now..But Im getting stronger and stronger each day and Im way better than i was a few years ago. I know other people in the world are doing wayyyyyy worse than me,So im thankful for all that i do have. Im just like wow,Is this all my life is going to be? I know we are deep in the last days of this wicked system,so im not reaching for the highest like i want a million dollars or something because thats irrelevant. i just want to make a living for myself. I want to be able to take care of myself,and really help my mom out.. I Want to be able to sayMom dont worry about the light bill,Ill pay it for you She has done so much for me I just want to help her out. Im constantly praying to jehovah about this,I know he hears me..Is it not meant for me to work? does Jehovah have something planned for me? It seems like even when i do get a call back for an interview,go to the interview,they dont even give me feedback or hire me. I be trying so hard,Im just really kind of more depressed because I cant find anything. What Is My Purpose? I dont know what to do. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE,AND HELP ME?? thank you
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First High School Car – 16 yr old Guy?

Hey guys Im hopefully getting my first car very soon, come summer, but I have some issues.
I want a faster car, you could say a sports car, but my parents will NEVER let me consider one. So, are there any fast cars that I could get away with that won’t be considered a sports car?

Im looking at everything from eclipse to maxima to accords, all that.

Also, with engines, they always think any engine with a 6 in it, 6 cylinder, V6, is a sports car. Is this true?

Thanks for helping me out on picking a nice car! My budget is 8000 dollars
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What are your favorite baby names??+BQ?

what are your favorite boy &amp: girl names??

BQ: short BNG cause i’m BORED!!!
1. you are 23 years old and you have been dating the same guy since your sophmore year of high school. What is his name?

2. he takes you on a romantic evening to the beach and the two of you watch the sunset together. right after the sun hits the water he tells you to walk with him because he has a suprise for you. you walk about a half mile when you see a heart drawn in the sand with the words i love you written in it. you thought that was the only suprise but then he gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him. of course you say yes. Where do you honeymoon??

3. when you get back from your honeymoon you aren’t feeling well so you go to the doctor and he tells you that you’re pregnant with twins!! you decide to keep the sexes a suprise and 9 months later you give birth to 1 boy &amp: 1 girl. What do you name them?

4. when your twins are 3 you find out you are pregnant with another baby boy. his first name corresponds with your favorite basketball team.
Lakers – Kaleb
Cavaliers – Logan
Bulls – Mitchel
Heat – Jordan
Celtics – Noah
Nets – Carter
Magic – Alexander
Jazz – Peter
Other – Elijah
his middle name starts with the same letter as your favorite basketball team.

5. when your twins are 5 &amp: your son 2 you and your husband decide you want one more child. you get pregnant easily and find its not one but FOUR babies. 2 boys &amp: 2 girls:) their names correspond with your cell phone network.
at&amp:t – Owen, Liam, Alexis, &amp: Mackenzie
verizon – Christian, Rees, Sophia, &amp: Aspen
t-mobile – Benjamin, Andrew, Amelia, &amp: Noelle
sprint – Brandon, Jacob, Randi, &amp: Amy
virgin mobile – Derek, Jared, Erica, &amp: Kelsey
don’t have a cell phone – Samuel, Patrick, Julia, &amp: Katie
all their middle names start with the first letter of your first name.

have fun!!!:)
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