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Is this good for the Dems, or not? Will these voters support Obama in the General Election?

Obama has displayed strengths dating to January among
different voting groups that would normally be in tension with each other, and his drawing power has become more pronounced in his 11-contest winning streak heading into March 4.
The Illinois senator has mobilized his party’s left wing, a big help in caucus races where party activists and fired-up newbies are key. And he’s drawn crossover Republicans and independents to primaries in which they are allowed to vote.
Ohio and Texas make it easy for them to do so. If they do, it could boost Obama’s vote.
Among independents, Obama is leading Clinton by 14 percentage points in Ohio and by 13 in Texas, according to a Washington Post-ABC News telephone poll taken Feb. 16-20.

Strange bedfellows, or what?
Far left
Crossover Republicans (only voting in order to defeat Hillary)

Point in favor: Obama is attracting a cross-section of voters.
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Is he flirting with me? Or just being friendly?

Here is a list of some of the things my close guy friend does and Im trying to figure out if he likes me more than just a friend.
1) He laughes and likes to jokenly make fun of me
2) Went for a 3 hour walk with me one night and layed in the road together looking at the stars
3) Told me i make things interesting
4) likes to play fight with me and takes my things and tells me i can only have it back when I can get it from him
5) A bunch of our friends went to the movies and he came later with his other friend and he started following his friend but looking up and he saw me and smiled, left his friend and turned around to sit next to me.
6)Came to my house when i got into a fight with my family and he wanted to beat up my brother for me.
7) He smiles at me or I catch him staring at me
8) Told me if i ever need a place to stay he would sleep in his car with me
9) offered to carry my books for me once
10)shared a bed
11) doesn’t get mad when i hit him cause he made fun of me
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audi body and engine part compataility?

i have a 2000 audi a4 avant wagon 2.8 auto tranny that my dad bought for me it was in a low speed collision that ruined the hood front bumper cover fenders and the radiator and condensor. i have another one its a 1997 audi a4 1.8t standard tranny with minimal damage to the body just the regular road rash every car will see. my other one is a 4 door sedan. will the parts match up. i know that for the washer solvent nozzles the hose will have to be rearranged cause its a different pattern but will the bumper cover fender radiator ans condensor match up right?
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Christians, was it tough &quot:finding God&quot: or his will in the beginning?

Hello. I am trying to find God and although I see snippets of him here and there, I just become terribly confused. I feel very confused about knowing his will. The Bible does offer general guidelines, but my my worry is about the everyday actions. I am always terribly afraid of not taking the correct decision.

Is it always like this? and how did you handle it?

I would prefer only Christian answers – for those that don’t believe in a God, you might want to post some moronic answer – please don’t. I’ve already tried all my life living without a god and got nowhere. I may be weak, or stupid, or whatever you might want to call me, but I’m just honestly trying to find answers from Christians only.
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The moments of your life…?

this is a fun and easy survey. the questions i m asking are generalised and realted to you. so here goes…

What has been…

a) the happiest moment of your life.
b) the funniest incident of your life.
c) the most touching memory.
d) the moment when you felt the most proud.
e) the most embarrassing moment of your life
f) the most romantic thing.
g) the worst day of your life
h) the best day of your life.

Thanx to everyone for answering! Star if u like chocolates and of course, if u find it interesting… tc 🙂 Have fun!
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Sarah Palin Denied bid to Trademark &quot:Sarah Palin&quot: after failing to sign Sarah Palin on application????????

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected an application filed on behalf of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol, that attempted to formally trademark both women’s names. The reason? Palin forgot to sign the forms.

Why is the Liberal Media Picking on Sarah by making her forget to sign her own name???
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