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Last Question: Can you LEGALLY PREVENT a woman in a wheelchair from gaining physical access to your bank?

Last question in Series:

A woman in a wheelchair moves to your village. You are the bank manager. There is no ramp to your bank. There are only steps, which the lady can not use.

If the woman can not physically gain access to your bank as there is no ramp, are you as bank manager acting legally?

Can you LEGALLY PREVENT a woman in a wheelchair from gaining physical access to your bank?
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My wife has had sex with another man, what should I do?

We met had a child and then got married in just over 12 months. I recently told her that I liked her but I didn’t love her. I am a nice guy and I want to remain friends with her as we are living in the same house and bed with a 6 month old. I told her we rushed things way to fast. She realizes how I feel now and is starting to accept it. But she has already slept with another man and is falling in love with him. She cannot help but get excited and talk to me about it. I don’t feel as jelous as I probably should, although I can’t help feel a little betrayed that she couldn’t just wait a while before sleeping with a guy. What is stopping me from just walking a way and leaving her? should I leave her? or should I stay for my kid at least until he grows up a bit?
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Guys, would you date a girl that was raped?

Three years ago, my friend was gang raped and she hasn’t had a boyfriend since. It’s not that she doesn’t want one, because she does. But no guys seem to want her. I’m engaged and haven’t told her yet because I know it will upset her. She’s had a lot of people (mostly) guys say no guy will ever want her. That they like her, but don’t want to date her because they don’t want to deal with it. She’s in counselling and she says I’ve gotten over it as much as I ever will. She’s understandably nervous around guys she doesn’t know, and she gets upset sometimes about being raped, but not all the time.
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