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36 and half week pregnant and depressed fed up with my husband?

My husband and I have been together for 8 years, married for 5 years. We have a 6 and half year old and we are expecting our 2nd child in two weeks (scheduled c-section). My husband is a great father and has always been hands on. He has not been working for months now and is waiting on job to start up in the fall (which is fine) but for the past two weeks he has been hanging out with his single guys friends who drink and party all the time. I know my husband isnt cheating on me because there are no women who are around, but he promises me he will be home and then he calls me saying he cannot get a drive home and that he will be home in the morning, and sometimes he doesn’t come home for a few days or he comes home for a few hrs and then leaves again. I he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong, I cry and begging him to stay or come home but he makes up excuses or broken promises. I don’t know why he hates me so much, Im very depressed about it. He takes our son for a few hrs to give me a break and thinks that making up for it. Im going to need him to be home once I have my baby and he knows that but I can’t help but think he is just going to take off. I dont know if he has cold feet about being a dad to a newborn again or if he just doesnt love me any more. I dont know what to believe. We live with my parents so maybe he is depressed too I dont know but he acts like everything is fine, but it clearly is not fine. I dont care if my husband has friends or if he hangs out with the guys but not every night and all day long. I have threatened to put him out but I honestly dont think he would care at this point or he wouldnt believe me. He just comes and goes as he pleases. Im sick of it.
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My download speed is 24 MBs so why are my torrents still so slow?

Recently upgraded my internet and when I do speed tests online I always get over 20mbs. However my torrents are still running really slowly sometimes. I understand that torrent speeds depend on seeders, but I used to get higher speeds on average on a 2mb connection. Am I setting up my torrent program wrong? I did change the settings when my connection was upgraded. Maybe I’m missing something.
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Iran Planned The Capture of the Britons? If this is true, that Iran planned in advance the capture of the sailors, then I would consider that an act of war.
Iran appears intent on sending a message of strength as it faces mounting U.N. Nations sanctions…. Should we cut the crap and show them what strength really is?

I would like to hear from Americans as well as Britons, that if negotiations fail and Britain goes to war with Iran, would you support the US being apart of the invasion as well?
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How many miles are TOO many miles when buying a used car?

I am a single mother of two, in nursing school, and on an extremely tight budget. I am looking for a dependable SUV to last the next 4-5 years, but the majority of the pre-owned vehicles in my price range ($4-6k) have 100,000+ miles on them. I know that proper maintenance can extend the life of a car, but how many miles are too many regardless of the amount of TLC (tender loving care) the car has been shown?
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My girlfriend won t let me sign birth certifiate of our unborn baby? what can i do to fight it?

We are in California,

living together,

she is 3 months pregnant and she already applied to get medical and told them i was out of the picture just to get medical insurance and she will not let me sign the birth certificate so she can get STATE aid.


Can i sue her for Denying me Paternal rights
since she knows i’m the father and she won’t let me sign the birth certificate and can i have the baby’s last name changed to mine if she doesnt let me sign it once the baby is born?
And sue her for fraud on top of that?

Help me out this is my 1st child and she acts like she can do whatever she wants since california gives more POWER to moms….

A little help will be gladly appreciated.
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haunted house help please!!?

I. AM. A. BIG. WUSS. i hav been extremely jumpy since i was little and about a year ago, i could even be scared by a scary movie case or description. my mind just gets the best of me (i.e. i hav a very active imagination) it has gotten a bit better though i did go though a haunted attraction at cedar point. i am going though a haunted house with my friends (IT IS NOT A PROFFESIONAL ONE, IT IS ONE AT OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLAGE SO IDK IF THAT AFFECTS IT AT ALL) and do not want to let them down, AGAIN (i hav always been afraid to watch scary movies with you) so basicly these are my questions:
1. how do haunted attractions compare to the ones at cedar point as far as how scary?
2. what is the best way to avoid being signaled out and scared easily?
3. how do i avoid being scared silly by clowns and chainsaws/knifes (my major fears)?
4. are most small town haunted houses very scary?
thanx everyone and if you have a good one, could u share a funny haunted house story 🙂 lol
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Are all martial arts schools &quot:McDojos&quot:?

I think that in order to stay in business, most martial arts schools become McDojos eventually. For example, if most students do not come to sparring days, then sparring will be less emphasized. New students and retention of the current students is of the upmost importance. NO students mean NO rent money. If most students are kids rather than adults, then marketing will be towards kids. If afterschool programs and summer camps help pay the lease, then these other programs will be added. If students are willing to pay for belt test fees, then students will be allowed to test even though they are may not be ready. If most people quit after recieving their black belts, then most people will not recieve the true essence of the arts because black belt is just the beginning, not the end of the study. Black belts are irrelevant nowadays. If you want to learn to fight, you have to fight. Martial arts school do not teach you to fight. Rather, the emphasis is on character development and having fun while getting in shape. Some schools are like daycare centers. But that is because most people do not join martial arts to learn how to fight. Most parents want their kids to just be good responsible kids, not to be a street fighter or the next UFC champion. If you want to be a MMA fighter, then you must train MMA. But most people do not want to spar nor have any contact with their fellow students. But you cannot make someone spar. They will just quit. So less emphasis in placed on actual fighting. Nowadays, all you need is a gun. No one carries swords or eskrima sticks. So then why train? Everyone has their own personal reasons. I think that it is important for the school owner and teacher to be able to keep the standards without selling out. But I understand how that can become a challenge when you are barely paying the rent. You can get a second job and just teach for free. But then that would probably not be fun either, especially when most students are not loyal and do not plan on giving up their personal lives to serve their teacher. Most students quit within a year anyways. What is the point of teaching someone your hard earned knowledge for free if they just stop coming one day without any appreciation? It is not like the old days when students serve the master to prove their worth for the teachings. Today, just pay your tuition and you can learn whatever your belt requires. In my opinion, every school open for business is a McDojo because that is American Capitalism. Business is business. In the end, it is just the student paying for this or that.
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I m a gay man, could I really fall in love with a woman?

I am 30, an actor and for as long as I can remember I have seen myself as a gay man, even as a child I knew. There was just never any doubt and all my relationships long term and short have been with men. I mean I like women and have many women friends but I was never attracted to one until now. She is 33 and an artist and we met at a gallery opening. We were introduced by mutual friends and right away I knew I was feeling something new and strange. I knew I liked her right away and wanted to see her as often as I could, we became good friends quickly and she accepted me as a gay male friend but I always knew that I felt something more for her but I suppressed it for a long time. I kept having relationships with men but while I enjoyed the sex I didn’t feel anything for them.
The sexual attraction I feel towards her has been the most difficult for me to cope with, she believes I am fully gay and so we don’t have the same boundaries as a normal male and female friendship which means we are physically closer and less modest together, she is very affectionate and I am frequently highly aroused by her but I have no idea how to seduce or make love to a woman.

It’s so difficult, I’ve thought of breaking off all contact with her as it might be easier than than this preternatural love I feel for her. I love her and I want to be with her, but I’m a gay man. It’s a huge risk to take with someone I love so much, I could lose her altogether and that would kill me.

If only she were a gay man or I were straight but as it stands I just don’t even know how to tell her how I feel. I think she is beginning to understand my feelings a little but she seems as confused as I am.

Has anyone else experienced this, how can we deal with it?
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OBAMA HAS BEEN PRESIDENT FOR NOT EVEN 200 days!!!! How exactly can one say he is the worst president ever…?

Obama can not certainly be considered one of the worst presidents in history, now im not saying hes great, im more of a republican, but hes been in office for not even 200 days… bad presidents are such as richard nixon, now george bush, may have done some bad thigns, but hes not an evil guy, hes just not the smartest guy. but how can anyone make a judgement on obamas presidency in the… what, 125, 150 days hes been in office????
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