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Can you site any historical examples of religious persecution?

I believe every religion known to man is guilty of it.

I was really beginning to enjoy the answering of the question and the siting of historical times, such as when Socrates was killed….

Jews and the many times throughout history they were persecuted, such as the Middle Ages because the Catholic Church so pushed an agenda of Anti-Semantism.

Times when Christianity was illegal and punishable by death until Constantine adopted the religion and made it legal.

Hindus having their sacred shines destroyed by Muslim invaders,

Muslims being killed by Christians during the Crusades,

Pagans being burnt at the stake during the Burning Times,

Atheists being persecuted all throughout history for not believing the local established religion…..

I probably could site a lot more. Any I missed?
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My dog has agressive behavoir?

I have a 1 1/2 year old male chihuahua who is neutered and a 6 month old female.. Most recently I have noticed my 1 1/2 yr old gets agressive towards strangers or even people he knows well when they approach his baby sister or even me… He never showed this type of behaivor until the puppy came in to our lives.. I am not sure how to correct this because when I give him the *your bad* voice, its not very effective as if he were to poop on the floor, which when he does something like that he knows hes been bad even without the voice.. When he is agressive and trys to *protect* his mom or sister he does not think hes in trouble. he has this glow about him like YES MOM I PROTECTED YOU AND MY SIS, and he does that little pant thing like when they are happy.. Can anyone give me some advice on how I could maybe correct this?
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Whose your favorite Bible person?

My #1 is FOR sure, Jesus.

I love reading the bible and finding out new things. It’s a book FULL of treasures. If your looking for them.

(i would appreciate it if the people who feel the need to comment something mean, would go to another question and say it over there! 🙂
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my boyfriend broke up with me. he was really horrible to me and i don’t know what to do :(?

i really want my boyfriend back 🙁 he is 3years older than me and we go to university together. we got together close to the start of our first year at uni and have been together ever since. we have had some big arguments in the past but we always worked it out. this time though he has called me a liar, a slag and even said that im damaged goods! :'( i admitted to him that before we got together i danced with other guys when i went out, this did take me a while though because i was embrassed and ashamed, but im young and everyone makes mistakes. and because of this he said im all those horrible things. we were going to get married, i would of given up everything for him and now i dont know what to do. it makes it harder because i am white and he is asian. i feel really depressed and i dont know what to do 🙁 he didnt really treat me right, and i always made excuses for him. the whole time we were together he didnt once get me a birthday card or spoil me, he nearly always cancelled when we had plans to go out and said that he just wants to stay in and that we have the rest of our lives to do everything and anything we wanted. all i did was go out of my way to make him happy! i feel so destroyed because things were finally getting better and then he just ignores me when we were meant to meet up and go for lunch, then i receive a text from him saying how im not respectable and i let every man touch me when i went out. which is not true! yes before at the start of uni i use to go out a drink a lot and that was my own fault but i learnt my lesson and i feel like hes just punishing me sometimes, bringing up the past to make me feel bad like im no good. when he is far from perfect, he smokes weed, drinks and he has lied to me on many occasions. but i always let it go because i love him so much. i dont know what to do 🙁 i really want him back but he said he cant be with me. he says that he doesnt care for me or about me anymore and in his eyes im just a dirty white slag! :'( all i keep thinking is this is angry talk and hopefully he will calm down and we can sort things out. please can some give me advice on what to do, i dont want to lose him but i dont want to be treated like im nothing and made to feel rubbish 🙁
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