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Will installing FireFox fix YouTube saying Ooops your web browsers no longer supported. Please upgrade to a modern fully supported browser?

We have Windows 7 Pro 64bit and Internet Explorer 11. We have noticed more and more lately that youtube and other websites are saying that our browser is no longer supported or lacks sufficient criteria to work properly on their web site and to either update or upgrade our browser. Well, we can’t update or upgrade IE 11 because Microsoft said we are already running the most up-to-date browser that Windows 7 operating system will allow, and so does it make sense to install Firefox in order to then make our browser compatible or at least more compatible with the sites that now doesn’t like our current IE 11 browser? ….and NO, We Will Not Install Google Chrome! This was already one of the WORST things we have ever done…even though a bunch of people said they didn’t have problems with Chrome, we ended up with nothing but constant problems and so went back to IE11 !
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Is being black ALSO a state of mind?

Read the following quote:

Tony Spearman, author of Why Am I Black, was born to two white parents. He grew up in a mostly black town, worked at a historically black college, taught physics to predominantly black students.

On every census since 1996, Spearman has marked one box: black.

My wife got angry at me, my father got angry at me, said Spearman, 42. They told me, ‘You gotta be truthful!’ I said, ‘I am!’ … Race is a foolish thing. It has nothing to do with our humanness.

The quote comes from this article on the Census:

What do you make of this white man calling himself black? Is he a sellout in the same way that a black person would be looked at if he called himself white?
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Liberals Scream A War Is Coming In Iran(and they don t want it) / Cons Scream The Same(and they want it)

So both sides scream that war is coming in Iran(most from both sides) . . . . . but how many of you are actually preparing for it ? Both sides acknowledge that it’s coming ! So both sides should be preparing for it. . . right ?

Regardless of whether it’s the Iranians attacking us or the Radical Islamists Terrorists , it’s coming !!
So what are you doing about it ?
What have you done to prepare your family from either scenario ?
Food ? Water ?

The Could Be The Defining Moment In Many Of Our Lives. .. . . . . . . . So I Ask You . . .. . . What Are You Doing To Prepare For The Defining Moment In Your Life ? How About Your Family ?

OH , and BTW , numerous sources are now saying that there’s information(not verified but from many sources) that Al Queda will hit between 3 and 8 major US cities very soon . Along with that , sources are saying that Al Queda wants to also simultaneously coordinate those attacks and several attacks in rural America. . . . . ‘to teach us a lesson’ !!!
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