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Help, my kitten wont stop biting and scratching?

My kitten is very loving and im pretty sure that he likes me because he naps on me all the time and purrs when hes with me, and loves to be with me.

but the problem is that when he is feeling playful, he loves to bite and scratch my toes and fingers. he doest it playfully, but sometimes it hurts, and i dont know how to make him stop?

i tried picking him up and hissing at him, and grabbing the back of his neck, but those only seem to make him stop temporarily, and he starts again. i always yell NO at him when he does it, but he doesnt seem to understand. Do kittens understand the concept of grounding? Whenever he does it, I go put him inside his room and leave him alone for a bit, and when I come back to see him he is relaxed and doesn’t do it anymore.

But anyway, how can I get him to stop? He’s about 3 months old. He’s also still unneutered, does that have anything to do with it? Should I go get his claws cut or is that a bad idea?
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Final score predictions for ALCS Game 4?

Angels and Yankees play Game 4 of the ALCS tonight. Yankees are leading the series 2-1. What do you think the final score will be for Game 4, and which team will score first?

Closest guess will be chosen as best answer.

Also what do you think of these predictions for the game?: If you scroll down to the bottom you’ll see a little chart where different experts predicted how tonight’s game will go. Personally I find Leiter’s prediction pretty ridiculous.. I know it’s always possible, but I find it highly, HIGHLY unlikely that CC Sabathia is going to throw a perfect game tonight.
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Can a lie ever be forgiven?

I lied recently as I feared the truth would not be accepted by my friends. The lie was so bad that I made up an excuse whereby a member of my family had died. I deeply regret this and I do not know why I went to these lengths. One thing I know is that I will never stoop so low again. I had hit rock bottom in my life and my desperation led me to use such an awful lie. I will never forgive myself for what I have done but can I expect my friends to forgive me in time? Please be as honest as you can.
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Remadan Muslim Marriage please help me?

Selam Im muslim female i met good pious men his converted muslim his haf white haf black his an american muslim. I been talking to him for three month now im from east ethiopia now i have problem with my family for not letting to merry him i love him so much and he loves me too but my family has issues with race even tho his muslim. if they refuse my marriage i will go after him and get pregnant i don’t care what they say im so pissed off with them do you think thats good idea
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I feel intimidated by my parents?

Well, it’s not intimidated as being afraid of them, but more that I feel that they are overprotective…

I always feel that whenever I buy a book or a CD, they might think negatively of me and worry about me… They don’t say it, but I am always afraid that they might think I am depressed or scared of something because I like Metal and Rock and because I like fantastic/suspense novels.

They always ask me the title of the CD and artist, even if they have no clue who they are… Today I bought Dirt by Alice in Chains, and I felt uncomfortable telling them the title, ’cause I am afraid she would think I am suicidal or whatever (I am not). And I don’t feel like explaining them. And for the book, my father asked me if I was feeling scared after I read the book, and that some people can become psychologically traumatized by very well written novels.

But I am not a baby anymore (14 years old) so I am really uncomfortable with the idea that I have no privacy and that my mom can listen to my CDs while I’m not in home… She actually did do it once, and I felt really embarrassed that someone had broken my privacy.
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