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Christians please explain the science behind God, specifically the creation of matter and energy?

Does anyone else think it’s funny when Christians try to use science to discredit evolution or atheism? Not only do their science questions or answers contradict the the entire scientific community they often display an obvious ignorance of basic scientific concepts. However, the irony of all of this is the completely unscientific alternative they want to advocate. So Christians, here is your opportunity to explain scientifically how your God operates. How does the whole magic God work? By what demonstrable scientific process did your God create the universe out of nothing? I’m just dying to know. Also what is your God made of? Energy? Matter? God particles? If so have these particles been observed? What is the mass of God? Physical and observable characteristics? Since humans derive their memories and emotions from demonstrable biological processes is God biological? If not please explain how a non-biological being can have intelligence. That would be swell. Thanks.
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Modern, cute, baby boy names?

I like names that are modern and cute, but not overly trendy and still a bit unique.
Our last name is Rowan, so we can’t have a name that ends in n, because they do not flow or sound right.
So far I like the names Connor, Cole and Noah.
Please suggest more!!
Thanks and God bless!
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R&P: So, what s going down in your neck of the woods?

After a 7 months hiatus, it’s baaack…

I used to ask this question regularly, at the end of each month, but retired it, with the departure of so many regs from this site. It’s time to give it another go…

What’s going down in your local music scene… be it a recent concert-event you’ve attended or will be in the coming weeks, info about a local band/musician or any recent music related purchase or discovery …It’s all good! Give us the 411 on what’s going down in your neck of the woods. 🙂

I first began asking this question in the ‘Current Events’ category, so, I also welcome any local non-music related story/events, the funnier the better, as we can all use a good laugh :))…and as always, a link to an article about the story is appreciated.

BQ: What was your last music related purchase?
BQ2: Post a cool track that mentions an activity you’ll be involved in over the weekend 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!
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