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info about a Catalytic Converter on a mercedes benz?

today i was driving my Mercedes Benz E320 3.2.L V6 with over 100,000 miles on it and it had no problems. suddently i hear a raddaling noise coming from under the car, im assuming that its the Catalytic Converter because it wasent functioning right anyways and there isent any other known issues to the car.

im planning on removing the Catalytic Converter from the car, what are the good and bad things that it will do to my car.

thanks for the help!
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Why did Cardinal Pacelli (Pope Pious XII) sold out to Hitler knowing what NAZIS were doing?

Cardinal Pacelli, who had become the Vatican Secretary of State in 1930, signed the concordat July 20, 1933 after Hitler had begun persecuting Jews, including those who had earlier converted to Catholicism. Also, in spite of Pius XI’s Casti Connubi, a doctrine about the sanctity of human life, Pacelli signed the pact after Hitler’s law was adopted for Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring. This included the sterilization of hundreds of thousands of persons with mental retardation and physical problems such as blindness. In other words, Cardinal Pacelli sold out to Hitler by giving him a blank check to destroy democracy, persecute the Jews and in effect to do anything that Hitler viewed as a political decision. This was a clear assertion of Vatican power, as neither the German bishops nor the Catholic Center Party were able to thwart the Vatican bureaucracy. In March, 1939, Pacelli became Pope Pius XII.
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Should i be forced to church?

i am 14 and have been forced to go to church almost every sunday since i can remmeber, i am not a christian in the slightest, and i have told my parents i am not, yet they still force me to go. i do not believe in any god, yt i srta believe in karma, (just the, wat goes around comes around kinda thing but not the rebborn type). i believe that it wud be better for me to not be maed to go church, as it annoys me in the fact they say i am going to hell, and all this. and frankly being made to go to church now, has made my opinion of it very bad. if i was to go church later in my life i would not know what to expect and probaly agree with all that was said, but as i am not a christian i simply makes me mad. i guess you could call me an athiest then. should i be forced to go to church? in your opinion
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HELP! My dog destroys the house when I leave ! ?

I have an 8 1/2 month old akita/husky/lab mix. He is a little angel when I am home . . except for the fact that he will follow me EVERYWHERE I go. BUT, as soon as I leave the house he goes into destroying mode. I can be gone for less than 20 minutes and when I come back, the front door paint is scraped off and the carpet is totally dug up. He doesn’t destroy the whole house, only the front door where I leave. I know this is probably separation anxiety. My problem is that when I try to crate him he goes crazy and won’t stop barking and trying to escape from his crate. I live in an apartment and do not want to get a noise complaint. Please help me with any ideas you might have ! ?
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