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(Poll/Survey) Have you ever…?

Have you ever been to a viewing where they didn’t have any memory papers for people to take? Memory papers are those little folded mini cards which often feature the deceased person’s name, birth/death date and usually a picture (either of the person or something the family chose). Then the inside usually has a poem or verse.

I went to a viewing today (a person I knew from school passed away) and they didn’t have any memorial cards that I seen (usually they’re displayed by the sign in book). Both my grandmas had them and I know LOTS of others have too (my dad has a few from viewings he’s attended of friends and such). So I was just wondering if other people have ever been to a viewing where there were no memory things.
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Advice for Aspiring Dancer and Actress Moving to Los Angeles, California?

I’m moving to Los Angeles, California in less than 3 months. I’ve lived in both Orlando and New York City. I do enjoy the fast pace cities like NYC but prefer living in an apartment that is very safe, somewhat quiet, and has a great
nightlife. I’m moving to LA to pursue dancing, acting and finish school. If anyone could give me advice on:
*Things I need to know before moving
*Dance/actress agencies
*Top Dance schools &amp: companies in the area
*Neighboorhood Suggestions:
~I plan on moving into an apartment share with someone that already has an apartment.
*Easily accessible to the bus/transportation
~I don’t have a vehicle so this is a must.
*Safe neighborhood
*Prefer a location with a Nightlife
*Close to a beach is a plus but not mandatory
*Any other things you could recommend would be great.

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Why aren’t players allowed to throw the ball in Australian football?

In Australian football players are not allowed to throw the ball when they’re being tackled. If a player throws the ball they get penalized and the opposition team gets a free kick. Players either propel the ball by kicking (punting) or by handball (holding the ball in one hand why punching it with a clenched fist, much like an underarm serve in volleyball. I feel like the only Australian who feels that Aussie Rules is such an inferior sport on too many levels.
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Did the native Americans have mirrors before the white man arrived?

That is Injuns. I mean how would she know she was the prettiest squaw in the tribe.

Or how was warpaint applied. By other warriors in the wigwam?

Excuse the ignorance, I come from England where the natives got bashed up by the Romans a long time ago. They would see their blue faces in the shiny Roman armour before they were stabbed to death by the short sword.
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Do Christians take the Healing and Miracle Power of Jesus seriously?

Unbelievers will always deny that God heals, even amputees, even completely dead corpses.
Anything that didn’t happen under an Atheist’s nose didn’t happen- unless, of course, it was Evolution. The Bible prophesied that In The Last Days shall come scorners…yadda, yadda, yadda… We know that Unbelievers will always disbelieve, down to the Last Second, when they absolutely have to admit that there are some things they don’t know nothing about. Okay.

What is the excuse of Christians, who claim to believe Jesus healed every case of sickness, disease, maiming, and death that was brought to his attention. The victims did not have extensive knowledge of Positive Thinking. They didn’t have the benefit of fifteen years of schooling, with theological training, and so on. They were just people with needs, who approached someone who wanted to help them, and could.

My experience with supposed Christians is that they are too lazy to seriously dig into what they believe and why they believe it, the closer it gets to Miracles and Healing. It is enough for them to believe that these things happened to some Ancient People thousands of years before they were born. They are even prepared to die defending those beliefs. But it is amazing how many millions are prepared to die, or let supposed loved ones suffer agony and death, rather than APPLY THEIR BELIEFS AND DEVELOP HEALING POWERS THEMSELVES.

I had no immunity to malaria (a potentially fatal, insect-borne disease), having been brought up where the disease didn’t exist. For eight years or so, I survived with the use of the drugs available, until their side-effects became almost worse than the disease, and were doing nothing.
Then I got saved, and gave my heart to Jesus, and was baptized with The Holy Ghost, and healed myself through prayer, without using any drugs. (I have known people on my campus who had the finest medical treatment their money could buy- one flew out to Europe for treatment- who died of this disease.) So, no one can tell me that there is nothing to healing. My explanation would be that the Spiritual Power in Christianity boosted or supplemented my immune system- until I learned to heal myself through detoxification (i.e. fasting), which involves nothing spiritual at all, after I left the Pentecostal Organization that tried to tell me they now owned me. (I fell seriously sick almost immediately.)

I personally have never attempted healing that requires gross physical replacement, while I have, through my own spirituality research, uncovered several techniques that would apply. However, no Christian I have ever spoken to (including pastors and suffering Christian laymen) have the slightest interest in learning how to heal anything and everything. I cannot give my views away for free. I am considering *paying* Christians to look at them.) I have not attempted to start a church or publish books because I have always despised the use of these tactics to make money.
However, no one respects my principles. Whenever I find someone new to talk to, certain people, even pastors, take them aside and give them a little talk, and then they never talk about it with me any further.

Being trained in science (short of diploma or degree level) I can appreciate how Divine Healing is an extremely important miracle, that people who should know better simply take for granted. The energy required to materialize, say, a little finger, or annihilate a cancer, would, if released, crater a large city. Any sort of creative miracle healing involves the synthesis of maybe hundreds of complex chemical substances- which all have to be replicated perfectly, without error, or they could kill the body. Raising the dead involves the transformation of probably thousands of parameters throughout a whole body- all of which have to be done right, or the corpse stays dead. I get very irritated when people talk about this as if it were of no more consequence than them blowing their nose!
They say rubbish like, Since Brother X raised three people from the dead, he’s become a snob!
He became lifted up with pride! (No! They became lowered with envy!) He won’t come to hear our favorite pastor speak, he says, How many dead has HE raised?

Then there are the possibilities raised by transmutation and spontaneous creation of matter and energy involved in Jesus’ transforming water into not just wine, but *quality* wine. Do you know how many chemical substances are involved in making something that looks and tastes like good wine?
This cannot be just ethyl alcohol glucose, and fructose! Yet, Christians, supposedly educated in science, just gloss over this example of Divine Power and say, even in as many words,
*We* don’t need to know how to do that! Tool after tool is thrown in the gutter and spat upon!
(A famous Pentecostal Pastor in our country was out of gas (a potentially fatal experience at night), and he prayed and God told him to tell his driver to do it in th
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