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Women writers . If you were to become a famous author one day, you needed a substantial amount, see below&gt:.?

to fund this dream/goal of yours, you considered taking a massage course that would take you close to one year to complete in order to fund your dream, work independently and make a good wage plus 20% tips per massage. Or…take on say.. a Esthetics course to work in day spa Or laser center and make a good amount of money… which would be less strenuous on you body and hands which are/would be your livelihood. However.. for Esthetics when you get out you would have to invest in machines (unless) the spa had them and the cost of products.. again.. unless the spas have them for you to use.OR a full 12 months cosmetology program which would include hair, nails etc. Which would you personally choose and why.

My concern about massage is messing up my hands and then what kind of writer/author would I be? None perhaps. Not sure if this would or would not happen. Just hypothetical.
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Everyone hates Bush and I want specific examples of his wrongdoings?

What did he do individually that makes him so bad? Just because he wanted to go to Iraq doesn’t mean that nobody else did. By the way, when you looked at both the Afghanistan and Iraq war, both were early successes. We drove the Taliban out early and got Saddam out of power early. The problem is that there was no long-term plan and both have dragged out way too long. Once again, this is not Bush’s complete fault as his military advisors were failures. In terms of policy, I want specific examples of what you guys hate about him. Please don’t mention the economy as most of it was caused by the housing sector and as a president (one who is not an expert in business, real estate, banking, etc.), he should not be held 100% accountable for stuff he did not solely do. I think he was not a good president due to his lack of communication skills, spending on useless things like Medicare, and poor immigration policies. However, that doesn’t mean I take shots at his character and boo him on the inauguration day. Once again, I would like specific examples.
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uk should i send a bank transfer for a mobile phone?

basicaly i saw a gumtree ad for a nokia n95 i stay in glasgow so when i phoned him it turns out he stays in inverkip its a 140 miles away he said he woould send it by royal mail if i sent him a bank transfer he is with clydesdalebank he said all i have to do is go into a branch and give them his sort code and account number.
any advice on how to make this safer for me what other details should i get from him?
thanks joe
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Can you be Christian & still practice Witchcraft?

I was raised Christian, &amp: I do have faith. I was born an Indigo Child which basically is a child born with psychic abilities. Now I still have a strong sense, if not its increased since then. My point is that along with many other reasons I have, I believe I would be better in the field of witchcraft. I believe God gave me the gift &amp: I want to use it, but I feel I’m defying him using it as well, so I’m in a catch 22. I was wondering if I can do both? I have faith in God, but I beleive in some of the Wiccan beleives as well. Can I be a Christian who practices Witchcraft? Or must I be full Wiccan?
Please &amp: thank you!
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