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OK so we use netgear for our internet but my mum blocked tumblr and Facebook because my little sister (14) decided to use them instead of doing homework! so i’m losing followers on tumblr and i can’t talk to people on Facebook and it’s becoming really annoying and i told my mum and she said it didn’t matter but i only 459 followers on tumblr when i used to have 500! please help me there is 10 points for best answer also a promo on tumblr if you put in your URL then follow me (i follow back)

please help
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How can I become a better cook?

I love to cook but I want to become a really good cook and become better at it. What is a good way to become one?
What recipies should I follow, I find Kraft recipies to have a lot of steps and be complicated. What are good recipies for dinners and desserts? What recipies have you founf that work for you?
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Does America need a third political party?

I know there are other parties like the teaparty and the libertarian party. I am talking about a major political party to replace the tired worn out gutless Republican Party that obviously has no stomach for a fight. There is no reason whatever for them to cave in to Obamas demands, except a lack of backbone. Too bad. We need a party who are not wusses as S. Palin describes.
What do you think?
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Do you see Russ Smith being an NBA draft bust?

He announced a week or so ago (after NCAA Championship) he was going to enter the draft. I know this guy had a good regular season but he didn’t impress me in the last 2 games (final 4 and championship). He didn’t show up on the big stage and I thought that Siva was a lot better during the championship than Smith.
I just can’t see him being that good of an NBA player and just turning into one of those players that goes to play in a league in Europe or wherever.
Thoughts ?
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Will I make friends in the USA?

i am a 23 years old israeli and i’m going to study in the USA . I am afraid of the young people there because I know most of them hate Israel . so what should I do to befriend them ? i don’t wanna befriend anyone that hates my country .

btw if you’re a young american please say so.
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can i reinstall windows 7 and keep all of my games on another hard drive and it will work fine?

So I have my OS and a bunch of old junk files/programs or random useful programs on 1 hard drive, then i have all my video games on another hard drive. I’m deciding to buy a new motherboard, so i have to reinstall windows. Is it possible to wipe my OS drive, build my upgraded pc, install windows to the wiped drive, plug in my game hard drive, run repair tools for all the games and everything will be okay? I asked this because i’ve lost a couple of my CD keys, and don’t want to pay for the games again.
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