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How do I add links to my tumblr page?

I want to add an About Me page, a page for my pictures, and so on and so fourth. But I have no idea how to do so. D:
I also have no idea how to send my pictures that I’ve already posted to these pages. How ridiculous is it that I’ve had my tumblr for almost two or three years now and I don’t know how to do this? Lol. I’ll really appreciate your help! (: Thanks guys!
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Muslim women/converts…?

I always thought that women who are Muslim or women who’ve converted to Islam have to wear the Hijab? That’s why I was always confused whenever I watched videos on women who’ve converted over to Islam, not wearing a Hijab. Shouldn’t you be wearing a Hijab if you’re Muslim/you convert?

The more I read about Islam, the more i’m starting to like the religion more and more. If I were to convert, which I have been considering it, the only part i’m worried about is the Hijab. I bought one to see what i’d look like with it on and I like it. I felt good wearing it actually. I didn’t go out in public with it on though. I’m just scared of what people will think of me. Or if they will judge me since I wasn’t born muslim. I hate thinking like that because it shouldn’t matter what other people think.How can I stop thinking this way? I’m just worried about what friends and family will think. Mostly family. I know my family won’t accept it. I’m scared if i convert,they won’t speak to me anymore. My friends don’t care though if I were to convert because i’ve asked them before.

Also,I would love to have Muslim women as friends. I see Muslim girls walking around campus all the time. I would love to be friends with them and learn more about religion from their point of view but i’m scared to just come up out of no where when they don’t even know me and ask because I don’t want them thinking i’m some weirdo or anything. Any suggestions? 😡
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Did Neymar officially sign for Barcelona?

I saw it on a barca websit. Also on fbok cescc and piqe posted that link i saw. So did he? I dont want him thugh he is litte ovratd and i dont like ovratd player, plus he sign a contract with santos and said he will stay until maybe the worldcup. And barca alredy have too much forward and i dont want him to take messis or alexis or cescs spots, no. Well maybe alexis but not the other rest. By the way sorry for spelling error or gramar mistake and stuff 🙂
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PLEASE READ —&gt: Zodiac Star Signs (Horoscopes) Questionned &lt:— PLEASE READ?

I have recently discovered the zodiac star system after always dimissing it as gobbaldi ****…

But I have thought quite long and hard about it and I cannot associate the planets (our solar system) with human characteristics…

I have therefore come up with an idea on this zodiac star system. It was invented as it was an attempt to build an equally balanced society with an equal amount of people having different characteristics and match to those and not match to others. This simplifies human behaviour and reduces confusion of identities.

In forming this system all the characteristics were used from the human nature and put into different characters to build a believable character. Even though every human has the potential to be every character.

I want to believe this as I love the characteristics of sagittarius but I’m very sceptical (as a sagi would be) and need convincing please prove me wrong!
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Poll: Did you know about these bizarre phobias?

And Do you know anyone with a BIZARRE Phobia?

—- Bizarre Phobias —
And The Celebrities Who Have Them

Chromophobia – Fear of bright colors.

Famous Chromophobes: Billy Bob Thornton

Lepidopterophobia – Fear of butterflies.

Famous Lepidopterophobes: Nicole Kidman

Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns.

Famous Coulrophobes: P. Diddy, Johnny Depp

Chiclephobia – Fear of chewing gum.

Famous Chilephobes: Oprah Winfrey

Eisoptrophobia – Fear of your own reflection.

Famous Eisoptrophobes: Pamela Anderson

Botanophobia – Fear of plants.

Famous Botanophobes: Christina Ricci
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HOW can christians choose to remain so ignorant, yet accept this &quot:blind faith?&quot: ?

It is the ultimate question many of us ask of the religious… why and How can any sane human, give themselves to a potentially nonexistent mythological entity, with absolutely no tangible evidence of it’s existence, but rather endless evidence on the contrary? I understand to an extent that as John Lennon stated, Living is easy with eyes closed, (hence, blind faith) though I can not Imagine this false comfort and illegitimate faith, to ever be reason enough to spend/waste your life praying, waiting to die and supposedly go to heaven, and avoiding hell by following the guidelines of an ancient mythological text, written as many other were, by man, as an attempt to explain what science could not.
As Nietzsche stated, Faith is not wanting to know what is true. I can no imagine trading life’s endless search for peace, freedom, and truth for the following of any religious text, no matter the numb, false fantasy comfort it may bring. It is like spitting in the face of the beauty that is human psychology and evolution, and choosing to live as a superstitious animal.

Throughout time, religion has caused and continues to cause endless war, death and segregation.. from the holy wars, crusades, and witch burning… all pointless slaughter in the name of a god, and all driven out of fear. Angry christians, will only come to you and berate your lack of believe in their delicate faith, because this threatens their own believes. It is fear. The question will plague me my entire life, how can they? Anyone?

p.s… If your an angry fearful christian, feel free to cry all over this question, just do some self reflection while your at it. I’ve never known such angry, hateful, terrified people as christian extremists… it is simple psychology. Corner the religious man, and as a dog he defends his faith with tooth and nail.
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Was Ronald Reagan a failure because he had 10% unemployment 2 years into his first term?

I raise this point because Reagan had 10% unemployment in 1983 but later in his presidency the unemployment rate dropped dramatically.

Republicans say now in 2009 that the Obama administration is a failure that obama shouldn’t be putting any blame on his predecessor.

Yet republicans blamed the 10% unemployment on the carter administration.

Obama has only been president for less than a year shouldn’t he at least be given the same respect Ronald Reagan commanded during his recession?
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Child abuse stories mental,physical,sexual?

Child abuse stories mental,physical,sexual?
now i know this can be a personal thing so if you do want to answer but want everyone seeing then you can message me my emial is available on my profile. I am doing a project for school its an essay about child abuse i would like to know some first hand stories. thank anyone who answers and to anyone who has gone through this you are strong
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