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Most loyal, protective dog breed?

I was wondering if anybody would know of a good companion for me. Yes, I want a dog that is protective, and naturally wary of strangers. I want a dog that wants to be around me most of the time, whether it be laying on my lap or taking a jog with me. The dog I would want I would prefer to rather have my conpany then a stranger, and not be easily bought by treats. The dog can but doesn’t have to be large or dangerous to protect me, just a dog that I know will want to be with me, and guard me if nesacary. Thanks 🙂
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Help!!! Hit car in parking lot?

I accidentally hit a parked car in a starbucks parking lot. I really dont see any damage except maybe a little tiny scratch. Also I have a very small car while they have a huge car and I wasnt sure if the scratch was there before or not. I am freaking out im only 16. I had no idea what to do so i just left. I had to change my plates today anyways because they were from another state. If someone wrote down my colorado plates could they track down my new washington plates? I changed them after the scene. help please I didnt know what to do. What could happen to me?
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