World War 3?

1.will china ever start ww3

2.will America ever go to war with North korea or Iran or North vietnam again.

3. why did the North vietnamese just run in to american zones

4. if ww3 starts will it be in the next 100 years

1. China has no incentive for WW3, they’re content to takeover the world’s markets, which they’re on the brink of doing.

2. NorKor and Iran are real possibilities, especially if Israel takes on Iran, we’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

3. N. Vietnam was attempting to unify the country, to do so meant attacking zones that we occupied.

4. it could be 28 minutes from now or 280 years from now. When the 2 superpowers face each other in opposite camps in a declared war, then come back and we’ll talk WW3. Until then, we’ll see proxy wars, regional conflicts and wars between rump states….true story…. The reason WW3 is unlikely is that global suicide goes against our instinctive nature for survival.

1. Nah China doesnt need to, it is using a backdoor tactic and doing it through the world economy.

2. North Korea and Iran need to be taught a lesson. Invading both of them would free millions from terror. Esp North Korea.

3. North Vietnam were animals. Soputh Vietnam knew thisand pleaded for world help as they didnt want to become communist. Even in 2008, North Vietnam is far more communist than the south. It was a sad day when the world pulled out and let the North invade the south. And may i spit on Jane Fonda for being a Viet cong lover.

4. No, next world war, people will use there arsenals. Im in Australia so maybe us and New Zealand will excape the inital brunt, but we will die a slower death from radiation poisoning.
Anyone who survives world war 3, will be difficult, and the world will never be the same again.

But personally world war 3 will be when the Anti Christ and his supporters take on God….and fail

1. Actually start it? Perhaps not. I still think WW3 will begin in much the same way analysts thought it would during the Cold-War era- small countries that the Super Powers have interest in will go to war, and the rest will take sides.

2. N. Korea? Unlikely, but possible. Iran? Same- but with more consequence to the US. N. Vietnam? There is only one Vietnam, and no- they are progressing nicely, and relations have become more warm.

3. Flexing muscles, mistake in navigation, who knows? What are you talking about?

4. It won’t be a long war, just devistating to the whole world.

1. I doubt China will war with us: they are more of an ally than you think….We drive each others economy….
2. North Vietnam? It’s just Vietnam, and they are much as a threat as South Korea is. North Korea? Too many countries denouncing them, including China..they hadn’t a leg to stand on.
3. WW3 as conventional warfare I think wouldn’t exist. All of our enemies dint have conventional militaries that would do war on a battlefield. The Iraq/Afghanistan conflict is where war is headed.

There may or may not be a World War 3, nobody knows, but I am certainly not going to worry over hypothetical scenarios.

There is always going to be a threat of another world war. Just be prepared and do not spend more time then is needed on worrying about it…… Caesura Caesura

As long as we have long range strategic nuclear weapons, world war3 seems very unlikely!

WW3 started on Sept 11th.

Don’t think there well be WW3 the EU would fight it with their soft power …nasty letters ………Much as they did before WW2

your post is very true and scary stuff it’s why i am voting for someone who will use good judgment &quot: OBAMA &quot:because McCain and his out of touch polices with the world will definitely dome us all .

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