When do you think America was a great country?

Right up to the day they declared independence.

America was great when nГ­ggers, spics and women knew their place. It was also a much better place when fДЃggots kept kept their fДЃggotry to themselves instead of forcing kids to learn about it in school.

It stopped during the Carter administration. Political correctness was born. The Arabs stopped oil production, and we kept feeding them and giving them money. The Russians agreed to watch us dismantle part of our nuclear arsenal, and we agreed to trust that they would do the same. Iran threatened us every day, and Carter had our soldiers filling out requisition forms for bullets. Gays came out of the closet, and demanded to have special clubs where they could meet for sex, but straight people couldn’t have clubs for them. The American steel industry shut down, and scrap iron dropped in price to $20 per ton. The auto industry almost collapsed as Japan dumped slave built cheap automobiles on our market. Four years under Carter.

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