What other things can you put in carrot cake?

I already add carrot(obviously!), pecans, and pineapple. Any more suggestions?? Please dont give me any more recipes, I already have a great one.

Pour boiling water over raisins to plump them, drain and pour some Captain Morgan spiced rum over them. Let sit for about half an hour. Drain and add to cake batter.

I’m not for it because I hate them but other people put raisins in them. Other dried fruit would work too like cranberrys or little apple pieces.
You could also probably make an oatmeal carrot cake as well.

Try some dried cherries or dried cranberries and a handful of white chocolate chips. Very good for a nice change.

Sultanas soaked in orange juice. Orange zest or to be risque some grand marnier or southern comfort to soak those sultanas in!


hi my sister grated dairy milk chocolate over the top, not too much and it was really nice.

ice cream lol i know it sounds weird but its nice (Y)
those sweet flour.
those strawberry cream toppings.

haha i hope i helped XD

xslacks totaly joking,

jsut add raisens


apple bits

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