Is wearing skinny jeans gay for guys?

Hi my name is John and i’M 16 AND OMG I LOVEEE SKINNY JEANS 🙂 I wear them at schooo I wear them EVERYWHERE?? But people call me gay and stuff.. and they say OHH NICE JEANS .. GIRLS SIZE 100000000 or ‘ I CAN SEE YOUR ***** ‘ Like wtf I never have boners in skinny jeans 🙂 But anyways .. I need some input 😀 😀 and some good brands for guys 🙂 😀 &amp:lt:3 &amp:lt:3

Once you hit 18 you need to drop the skinny jeans but at your age its still okay to dress scene

Heckk Noo Theree Nottt Gayy

I Myselff Lovee Skinnys On Guyss I Thinkk It Lookss Cutee&lt:33
Keep Wearinn Emm
answer mine plz

Well yes and no. I dont personaly think its gay.
It all depends if you can actually pull them off, some guys look good in them and some dont.
If you can pull them off, then sure wear them! Just ignore what everyone else thinks because its doesnt really matter.
But sorry, i dont know any brands. Maybe pacsun or something?

Try Levi’s Skinny Jeans. They are not to tight. Not ALL skinny jeans are tight though, get them a little lose and not skin-tight. And it does not make you gay. everyone from skaters to preppy kids wear them. so chill dude 🙂

me and my sisters friends and my sister think that skinny jeans on guys, well are gay
seriously we don’t want to see a guys dick when he’s wearing jeans

buy your pants at forever 21

no way!

if you like them wear them.
who cares what other people say, they aren’t the ones wearing them.

guys in skinny jeans = ewww

If you talk like that, yes.

Yes VERY gay.

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