how can i get my dogs to be non aggressive?

i have 2 small breed dogs the male is 9 and a jack russell and the female is 3 and a miniature foxterrier, they both were placid dogs who loved both adults and kids but only barked when a prowler was around. I have bad neighbours over the back fence who all terrorise my dogs constantly… the adults bang on the fence and stir them up and spit at them and their 2 young kids boy 9 and girl 5 both throw objects at my dogs including darts and metal bars, the dogs have become really agressive towards them and they constantly go crazy barking and trying to jump up at the fence and bite the kids. ive had a kind word to them and asked them to stop it only made them worse. im affraid my dogs will attack my 3 yr old niece and 1 yr old nephew because of those nasty kids. how can i retrain my dogs to be non agressive with kids?

Gotta love bratty neighbours. We used to have little girls in the house behind us who thought it was OK to climb our fence and run wild in our yard and tease our old dog. (She was quite big to, she was a Blue Healer crossed with a Cavy, and was around 25 kilos.)

You couldn’t ask for a more loving, placid dog than our old dog. She’d let the cat steal her bed, or her dinner… Never so much as growled at anyone.

But she started to get aggressive with the neighbours kids. She chased them, nipped at their butts, and eventually bailed one up against the shed and got very aggressive with them.
We talked to their parents, and they didn’t do anything.

Our dog was never left outside when we where out, and was well supervised whenever she was outside. But we where terrified that she’d go through the window if the little brats broke in when we weren’t home, or she’d bite one so quickly we wouldn’t have time to react.

Eventually, we went to the RSPCA, and Police and explained the situation, in the desperate hope that IF something happened (which thankfully it never did) we’d at least have a record that our dog was well and truly provoked.

At the time, my nephew was 4 years old. Even with all the tormenting from the neighbours, she never had a problem with him (even when he peed on her…). But we NEVER left her alone with him.
If we couldn’t be within a few feet of the dog/kid, the dog was locked outside when the kid was inside, and inside when the kid was outside. (This was also to stop her getting peed on, or being fed play dough…)

When the kid and dog met, we where very careful to restrain the dog until the dog was sure of what was happening. AND we restrained the kid until the kid learnt the meaning of &quot:gentle patting&quot: rather than the well intentioned smacking most kids do.
Take the introductions slowly. Make sure the dog has room to retreat if it wants to.
Teach the kids how to approach dogs (slowly, calmly, quietly, and with the palm of their hand out stretched). With the 1 year old, hold him on your knee, and hold his hand outstretched while someone else keeps a hand on the dogs collar to make sure it doesn’t leap at the kid (either through aggression or overenthusiastic joy).

It sounds a bit over the top, but you can’t be to careful with kids and dogs. In the end it’ll protect both of them.

As for the brats, our problem disappeared when they looked through my bedroom window while me and my boyfriend where… umm… being creatively intimate. After their parents had to explain what we where doing they suddenly took their children’s trespassing a hell of a lot more seriously…

I’d go to the police, and find out exactly where you stand.
Then talk to the parents. Don’t go in all fired up, but don’t beat around the bush. What the brats are doing is wrong, antisocial, and cruel. Tell the parents it has to stop, and it has to stop NOW.

If the parents don’t do anything, go back to the police. I don’t think there’s much they can officially do, but you should be able to get a police officer to have a nice chat with the brats and scare the crap out of them.

If all else fails, make it clear that if they throw something at your dog you’ll throw it right back at them… (Not the most mature, or legal course of action… But I see it being very satisfying.)

Did you have the chihuahua with you at the dog park? If so, your rott may be protective of your little chihuahua and if any dog approached the chi, he could be showing his protectiveness. This happened when I adopted a puppy and took my non-aggressive dog and the puppy both to the dog park. My older dog was very protective of my puppy when any dog approached him, and she has never acted that way. I’m sure it’s something she will out grow as he gets older!

Call the police on your neighbours. People should not be teasing an animal and then go and whine when they get what’s coming to them — a bite.

If you still have concerns with your dogs, NILF and get in touch with a trainer/behaviorist.

Watch the Dog Whisperer.

if theres a ”pets mart” were you live go there make an oppointment &amp: they will show you how /or train your dogs to behave i took my dog there &amp: it really helped [:

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