How can I convince my parents to get me another dog for my birthday?

I really really really really really want a small nonsheding puppy for my birthday. but…………. one problem my parents dont think so because they think the dog that we have now is to much work. I said that this would be my only gift for me but they still are unsure. Help me show them how responsible i am i walk my neighbors dogs and my dog i play with her and since she is alot of work and i can handle her then i can definately positively handle another dog but i just cant convince them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me make my ONLY birthday wish come true!!! how can I convince them?

Persuade your parents that you will be able to care for a dog. Let them know that you are definitely old enough to handle the responsibility of owning a pet. Be ready to demonstrate that by volunteering to be tested. Have your parents give you something to take care of for a set amount of time. It can be an egg with a mark on it (don’t let it break!) a sack of flour, a plant, a virtual pet or even a friend’s pet. Doing well on this test run may help show your parents that you’re responsible and serious about wanting a dog.
Do chores around the house to prove you are responsible. Offer to help with the extra housecleaning and vacuuming. Dogs can be messy, especially before they’re housebroken. Most dogs will shed. Since it is you who wants a dog, you should make the extra effort. You should explain to your parents that you are willing to do this before the dog gets there to prove your sincerity.
Research breeds and mixes. Show your parents why the breed or rescue dog that you picked is a good pet for your household and living situation. Also research costs and availability. Try to choose a breed that can be purchased or adopted near your home. Also, tell your parents you don’t need to get an expensive, high matenince purebred. Tell them there is a dog out there in the animal shelther just perfect for you that NEEDS a home!
List the benefits of having a dog:

The dog will help you to be responsible.
The dog can become a companion for the whole family.
Walking a dog can help you get more exercise.
Dogs can sometimes be trained to perform useful tasks, such as warning you of intruders or fetching objects.
Learn how to house-train a dog so that it will not poop in the house. Books on the subject can be found and borrowed free from your local library. Learn as much as you can about dogs, not just about basic care. Read books about breeds, dog-related sports, common diseases, cute tricks, nutrition, etc. This will show that you are willing go the extra mile for your future dog.
Take a friend or relative’s dog for a weekend as a &quot:test run&quot: to show your parents that you are ready for the responsibility.
Offer to help pay for the dog food by doing extra chores or contributing some of your pocket money.
Give them time to think about it. Pestering them will only undo your earlier work showing them that you are mature and responsible.
If your parents eventually let you have a dog, follow through on your promises. You can even sign a contract with them before you get your dog listing your new responsibilities.

Tips [edit]If your parents, after all you have done to convince them that you are responsible enough to have a dog and really take care of it, still decide that they don’t want to or cannot have a dog, here are some more things you can do:
You can find out where the animal shelters are in your neighborhood and go volunteer there to help take care of some homeless dogs.
You can find out if there are elderly neighbors who have dogs and cannot walk them regularly. You could volunteer to walk their dogs for them.
Dogs, especially puppies, need a lot of things to chew on while they are developing their teeth. You can also find suggestions on how to keep your dog from chewing your shoes and clothes. You must be prepared to get them appropriate toys to chew.
Dogs need regular exercise. You will have to sacrifice some of your personal time with friends or hobbies to walk your dog. It may help to convince your parents that you are willing to do this if you tell them you are going to go for a walk daily prior to getting the dog. You will have to do this regularly once the dog gets there, and more than once a day.
Dogs cannot be left behind while the family goes on vacation. If you leave for a family vacation, you must either find a friend to take care of your dog while you are gone or take the dog to a kennel. You should find a friend whose parents are willing to do this, or you should find a kennel. Find out how much it costs to board your dog and prepare to save up some money so you can be responsible for your dog’s care.
Offer to pay for the dog yourself. This will show that you want one enough to spend your own money on it, and that you won’t think of it as just another toy to play with until you get bored.
When your parents say that you cannot have a dog, don’t shout at them or get angry, this will make them even more determined to stop you. Be nice and smile, but keep persevering.
write them a letter

Warnings [edit]A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. You must be able to care for a dog, it is a living thing like you and me. If you do get a dog, you must care for it, or else your parents might give it to a dog home. It sounds fine saying that you will walk it every day, but it becomes hard when it is wet or cold outside, or you just feel lazy. Remember this before you get a dog.
Maybe your parents cannot afford a dog but don’t want to tell you. If so, don’t persevere as this will make them feel guilty and upset.
If you ask too often, they will shut you out.
If someone in your family is allergic to dogs, you must put their health first. There are some dogs that produce less dander than most dogs and may not bother people with allergies. Check on any potential health concerns well before you bring a dog home.
A dog is a lifetime commitment. Dogs can live to be 17 years old and some live even longer. You and your family should have plans for who will take care of the dog in the future, such as when you go off to college.
There are laws that state that you must pick up the poop from your dog. Decide if you are willing and able to do this

Things You’ll Need [edit]A good collar and a leash. A well-trained dog is a safe dog.
You will need the names and phone numbers of veterinarians and kennels in case the dog needs health care or needs to be boarded.
Patience. It takes a lot of patience to train a puppy. You must never get mad at the dog and hit it.
Money. You will need money for dog food, toys and treats
People to take care of your dog while you are away.

suggestions: suggest to your parenst about rescuing a local dog in need of a good home you will be saving a life and saving money.

You have already shown that you are responsible with your dog and others. What I would do is stop asking for a puppy and quietly show your parents by doing things such as :
Looking at books
Buying posters, calenders trinkets.
Going on breeder websites
Then it’s time for step 2
Start Reasearching, find out the average costs, time needed grooming and excersize. Then put this in a pie graph to show that you have time to take care of your puppy.
Write a report explaining why you want the puppy, that you are responsible and that you have time to take care of the puppy. Include breed history and examples of your responsible behavior.

Step three involves a presentation to be given to your parents using the pie graph pictures and your report.

By doing this you will WOW! Your parents.
works every time.

Save up money from walking the neighbors dog to help pay for a new dogs purchase/shots/food/bills. Or did you miss that?

what’s incorrect with the different canines? Why isn’t the different canines &quot:adequate&quot: ? What happens once you bypass off to college and stay interior the dorm and can’t take the two canines with you? Who seems after the canines then? Who will pay the vet expenses – which will now double in case you get yet another canines? Who will pay for hte food – the fee of which will double once you get yet another canines? i think of you’re able to savor and love and shield the canines you have already got. in simple terms through fact your canines isn’t a pup anymore does not warrant a clean one!

Show them the different types of dogs u want including pictures and information on them. Also don’t beg haha my parents don’t give in to that! They just get angry.

Good Luck!

Listen to your parents. They are the ones that have to care for it and they have their hands full already. It takes more than just walking and playing with a dog.

Once you move out on your own, you can have several if you want to.

My adive to you is to try to take care of your dog more and more clean it every day do what ever u can. your parents well think u are more resoplesble with dogs and they maybe will get you another dog!Hope this helps!

Treat your parents good and respect them. Do chores if they ask you to. Hopefully in the end, they will give it to you without question.

hehehe me2 bt buy it urself. that is the only way i know after we all adopted my dog Kiaty. so thats the only way i can get another

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