Have you heard the latest Bush plan for winning the war in Iraq?

Selling citizen-ships to illegal immigrants in return for their service in the US military.

Now Bush has pretty much screwed up everything he has ever done in regards to the Iraq war but I have to admit this illegal immigrant idea is genius. He kills two birds w/ one stone.

Too many illegal immigrants in the US so send them to Iraq to get eliminated by insurgents &amp: if the US either wins the war or cuts &amp: runs just leave the illegal immigrants in Iraq.

Bush is wrong to support this immigration bill that TED KENNEDY wrote!!!


MAN! What a great answer to the immigration problem. I wanted to round them up and put them in concentration camps but your idea is even better.

And we have a precedence. During the Civil War the Union recruited immigrants right of the boat with a promise of citizenship and 160 acres of land.

YEAH! The more I think about this the more I like it.

Let them fly the Mexican Flag all they want in Iraq.

And when the Operation Freedom Iraq is over, grant them (just them not their entire Mexican herd) citizenship.

the worry is genuine, as is the possibility fundamentalist Islam represents to the west. however the conflict in Iraq has not something to do with that, and Bush extremely did not mishandle the conflict so as to destabilize a community that has never been stable. If he had, he could have executed its earlier. Iraq became never a rustic and the British Protectorate smashed jointly 3 separate and distinctive areas, each and each with distinctive non secular and ethnic backgrounds and subsequently created the unique monster that could never stay to tell the tale for long. That it did not isn’t any ask your self. it is going to finally pass back to its unique 3 aspects, and that they are going to proceed scuffling with one yet another as they did for the previous 600 years.

Illegal immigrants served in Vietnam in order to gain citizenship. It has been done before and it is nothing new.

There is no option of leaving them in Iraq or anywhere else after they have served this country by risking their lives.

Ah, leave our new citizens alone or you’ll be working till yer 90….meanwhile. Since Terrorists Cells and Street Gangs are about the same size, why don’t we take all our little bangers out of their jail cells, cribs, streets, whatever and drop them off in a nice big desert. Then take the little terrorist cells and drop them in as well. Toss in a few sanctimonius Republicans. That way the war and the soldiers would be balanced and decent folks could get on with their lives. Free from Dubya, his cabinet and fanclub, bangers, gone~ terrorists~ history &quot:What a wonderful World&quot: Peace~

This isn’t a new idea, I served with immigrants who had applied for citizenship over thirty years ago. Allowing illegal immigrants to serve might be trouble, but legal applicants are not a problem with me.

I just heard this! Didn’t they do something like this with the Irish I think it was the Civil War? Heck of a solution. I’m going to wait to see if this is embraced before I have an opinion.

It is a stroke of genius!

The illegal immigrants will be shipped to Iraq, go AWOL and illegally cross the Iran border.

Iran will have to deal with them…

Just an attempt at humor.

LOL! Good idea. Send the illegals to Iraq and leave them there.

As long as they are away from here, who cares?

Brilliant. Best idea yet.

What are we waiting on?

I’d love to see them try to march down the streets of Baghdad proudly displaying the Mexican flag there and demanding citizen rights and see how well received they’ll be.

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