Have you ever noticed….?

That when you want something really bad, you usually don’t get it, but when you don’t want it anymore it comes to you so easily? Why do you think this happens?

I can give a psychological answer for this – Have your heard about the Bruce Lee’s quote on enter the Dragon

&quot:Its like a finger pointing a way to the moon, dont concentrare on the finger otherwise you’ll lose all its heavenly glory&quot:

Like I spoke about primary process distortion, when you tend to think too much, your thinking and concentration is very very highly directional and focused that all your energy is spent on wanting it that you tend to miss out on the other cues.

Say for example, I want to make a good impression in a speech contest,so I tend to think about making a good impression and work my way on the words that help me in doing that.If I’m so concerned about making a good impression, what happens is my thinking gets so focused that my thoughts are all about making a good impression and I dont get the &quot:right&quot: words in my speech – simply because my very concern is on good impression and since my focus is on that, my awareness is limited to just that and I’m not aware of the presence of better words that are there.

A better example to illustrate this – I have a problem, I work for an idea, I try to think about various solutions, none of them are &quot:prefect&quot:,I get tired ,leave it and go to sleep.When I get up from my sleep,I just try to casually think about something and suddenly out of nowhere I get the solution for the very problem!!!!

I have said this, your subconscious minds works for a solution even when you’re not actually thinking .What actually happened here was you might have got the solution when you actually working for the problem but since your mind is so concentrated and focused on getting the solution you missed out the solution itself!!!!!!

Thats why its very important to stay relaxed!!!!

The same thing happens on the opposite scenario, when you dont want it anymore, it comes easily because your awareness is very high in that aspect,so you tend to notice it more often than others.Its very obvious that you feel that it happens to you more than others.You dont want bad luck to happen to you but because you’re very sensitive ,you tend to notice everything as a result of bad luck, your interpretations are more concentrated in that aspect

There is a zen riddle backing it : When you seek it you cannot find it!!!!

yh tht happens ….mayb jus 2 make us realise tht we din try hard enough 2 gt it…n thn since we gave up on it it comes 2 us

Yeah totally sucks lol:D

Because once we stop stressing about things they seem easier to acquire

if you want a million then thats not gonna happen haha but yeah ive noticed that

There is saying in hindi

Bin mangey moti miley par mangey miley na bheek ….

God knows when we need something so we have to wait for his response.

Omg, that always happens with me and not only with things but people as well…=] when i let go of them they come to me and when i go after them they let go of me…

dat is SOOOOOOOO TRUE~~~ XDD well i think its cuz when u want it u actually try 2 HARD and u gonna messs up ur chance and luck =3

Maybe it’s because when we want it really bad, we make it seem like it’s impossible to get at the time &amp: when we forget about it, it’s not because we don’t want it any more.. Um I dunno lol

But yes I have noticed (:

I’ve noticed. Maybe God has a weird sense of humor! lol

life is strange! but the things you want are never far away from reach! everything is everything

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