Has anyone else ever had a BAD experience with their vet?

I can’t believe the bad luck I have had with my dog Bundy.
I took him in to get checked because he wasn’t acting like himself.. after a week, 3 operations and $1,200 later he still isn’t better. I now have to send him on a plane ($1,000 return) to a specialist in Perth to get taken care of properly. (god knows how much that will cost)
Not that i can’t afford it, but i am really disappointed in my vet.
Has anyone else ever had an experience where your vet has managed to empty your pockets and not actually fix your dog?
At what point do you say, right i think i need a second opinion?
Mind you, the closest ‘second opinion’ is 400kms away.

I feel your pain. I lived in a very remote location for several years and the Vet only came to town twice a week. He was lovely though 🙂 all the ladies made sure to have their dogs checked out when he came to town.

When he came to town he did all the desexing while he was there, and not in the best of sterile environments. You may know how it is in small towns – you make the best of what you have.

However, between visits our Kelpie injured his eye which was a 9 hour return trip to see a different Vet. After all that travelling you think the Vet would spend a bit of time, but no, here’s some ointment, see you later.

Luckily (touch wood) I haven’t been in the same predicament as you. Every time my dogs have had a serious problem the Vet has been fantastic (again touch wood). However, I am in a new town and still haven’t managed to create a rapport with any of the local Vets. They seem to have a lot of locums, which makes it hard.

My mom spent a few thousand dollars, at least one surgery, hundreds of dollars in veterinary diets, and still almost lost her cat before I did some research and realized that his &quot:suspected intestinal blockage&quot: and &quot:irritable bowel syndrome&quot: were actually nothing more than a severe food allergy, which the crappy vet diets only aggravated, and after putting him on Innova EVO he has been 100% healthy for years. He even got his bloodwork and urine check done recently and it all came back normal, which is great for a 12+ kitty. And the vet NEVER mentioned an allergy or did any allergy tests or anything else.

I once took my boa to the vet to be tested for a disease I was afraid she’d been exposed to. The vet left the room and came back with an internet printout about the disease, which she’d apparently never heard of and had to go learn about before she could &quot:help&quot: me. I was not very encouraged.

I witnessed things with other vets though, like a Banfield vet that gave injectable AND 2 week oral antibiotics because there was a pale red bloodless line inside the dog’s ear immediately after having them plucked at the groomer, and the vet swore it was badly infected and cut and needed meds immediately, as well as a follow-up visit. I saw the mark myself, it was barely visible and hadn’t even broken skin, not to mention it was about 30 minutes old and had been washed with alcohol, so there was no way it even COULD have gotten infected. I also had a friend whose vet didn’t even mentioned that her dog had gained 50lbs in 3 months, even though the dog has been on thyroid meds and a strict diet for over a year and the sudden weight gain could have indicated a serious problem (it was actually a change in food, which I helped her correct).

That’s why I try to explain to people that vets are not perfect, there are greedy and stupid vets just like any other occupation. People need to do research and get second opinons whenever possible if dealing with a serious health issue- taking the first suggestion someone throws in the air rarely turns out well.

I do not have any problems with my vets but some dogs do start to associate the vets with negative experiences. However my vets always take the time to make the dogs feel at ease and to give some positive experiences such as praise, stroking and a biscuit. I also take my dogs for a check up every 6 months so sometimes they just go in, have lots of attention and leave without anything negative happening to them, my dogs are always happy to go to the vets.

Yeah. Last year my cat was having an allergic reaction to something. He had a very high fever.
Our vet tried getting my to spend close to $500.00 on it. When I told her I didn’t have that much, all of a sudden it turned it to h ow much did I have and that she’d &quot:work&quot: with me on it. Most of things she did, I could have done at home.
And then as my cats lying there panting because he’s so dang hot, she’s going on and on about FLEA medication! I stopped her and said &quot:I thought my cat needed an IV?&quot:

Least to say, we don’t go there anymore.

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