Are Pakistani women better looking than Indian women?

I am just wondering because yesterday I went to watch an Indian film in America and lot of beautiful light skinned women came to theater. My sister told me that they were her Pakistani friends from school. They came with their parents but they were so beautiful. My friend also Indian Hindu says that Pakistani women are better looking than Indian women and they are more fair.

Omg, fair is beautiful you mean? No bec indian women have greater variety in how they look, also Miss Universe and Miss World never been captured by Pakistan, am I right or am I right?

Pakistanis definitely. Indian women are rarely pretty. 99% of Indians that you see look nothing like Bollywood models.

All women are beautiful; however, the more appropriate answer to your question is in a quotation of Dr. Singh on ‘Human Nature and Development’ as below,

“As a matter of fact not only every thing created by the Creator is beautiful but also has a unique and beautiful purpose. Ugliness; is rooted in narrow minded hatred, nests in utter ignorance and nincompoop brains overflowing with bias and half-baked and or knowledge in vacuum and sprouts like venomous; lava, thunder storms, cyclones and black holes from ego swollen heads/brains.”

Hope that answers your question and helps.

i’m an indian and I agree, pakis are deinitely better looking. theyre much better looking than most north indians as well, they look different. i’m a sikh and i look more pakistani than indian, thankfuly i dont have to deal with all the stereotypes associated with indians.

If you like dark skin then Indians are more beautiful. If you like lighter skin then Pakistanis are going to be more beautiful.

Pakistanis look like this:

Indians are like this:

Yes Paki women are hotter than our women. We want to nuke Pakistan but bring all the nice looking women to India so we can breed HINDU kids and live in FREEDOM together in India.

Its difficult to see the lighter skin among India ppl, I ever been visited India, most of ppl got dark skin but some also very nice awhile some has got the ill-manner. but the pakistanis, yes they tend to have lighter skin than Indian because they living in the norther. the example is Benasir Bhuto, the ex-prime ministor of pakistan who has got fair skin.

Edit: I don’t understand why would u find the beautifull only among fair skin?

FOR U GUYS(especially Indians) IS BEING FAIR MEANS B’FUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pitty on u guys. anywys every women is b’ful. n if being fair is what u think beauty is then most fair is Michael Jackson so u better start liking him.


I am at a total loss for words. Before I used to get angry, but now I find this so very, very, very sad — I mean this notion and translation of fair being synonymous with beautiful.
Hey, Bhagwan……

agree with natty. paki girls are hot. But they dont put out :P. so i go for the indian lawl

theres good looking indian women.
theres ugly looking indian women
theres good looking pakistani women.
theres ugly looking pakistani women.

determining whos the better looking is unmeasureable and its personal preferences

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