Are Gas prices too high or too low?

Do you believe that gas prices are too high or too low? and why? Do you think that higher gas prices conserve energy or do you believe it’s causing families to not have enough money to support their children or themselves.

Gas prices are too high. They’re causing a strain upon people and on food prices. Energy costs are shooting up and its becoming harder upon consumers across the globe (mainly Europe and the US).

Unfortunately, for those of us concerned about not much concentration or usage of alternate energy, gas usage is very (though not completely) inelastic to price. That means that price usually won’t affect consumption tooooo much. Sure, it has an impact. But its going to take gas prices to shoot up much, much higher if we are to see people using and lobbying for alternate energy a lot more.

So…do I want gas prices to be high?

No. Gas prices are hurting consumers a LOT and its becoming a huge pain to people. The cost to consumers- and the economy- offsets the benefits towards having very high gas prices and actual forced movement (thanks to high prices) to alternate energy. Too many people will be paying toooooooo much, to the point in which many can’t pay their bills, if gas prices go up about $3-$5, an increase which I think would be needed if people were to be forced towards using alternate energy.
So no, gas prices shouldn’t be higher b/c the cost of it- despite the increased usage (substantial, not minimal like it is currently) of other forms of energy- would create awful burdens upon the middle class and poor. Only the rich would come out all right.

They’d be able to afford it. I’m also tired of the complaints about Americans. People say Americans &quot:whine too much&quot: and &quot:they have it easy due to lower gas prices&quot:. Sure its lower. That doesn’t mean Americans can’t complain. Gas prices have increased significantly and they have put a MAJOR pain upon people. Its going on all throughout much of Europe and US. Let’s work for solutions instead of bashing each other okay.

The worst thing that could happen would be a worse, costly (even more than the one we have at this point) wake up call. So, we must heed the warnings and invest in alternate energy. We must look into it and provide benefits/rewards to companies that use it and perhaps implement cap-trade system. We must also reduce our usage of cars and use carpool more.

Together we can do this. That is how we deal with gas prices– and buy food only when needed.

Too low. Peoplehere in America like to complain about a $4.00 per gallon average yet they fail to realize that Europeans are paying twice the price and in some developing nations, nominal income is so low that they’re real income can’t afford to pay for it.

The difference lies within American lifestyles. The average car here consumes nearly twice the amount of fuel than those in Europe, yet we use them for the same puprose: to get to work. If you drive 35 miles everyday, then maybe you should have done a little bit of market analysis and try to predict the future supply of oil and its price (or you can look it up on all 6 of the Energy Department websites, no trouble at all). Not saying we should do this with everything, but come on, most guzzlers belong to people who survived the ’70s crisis.

There’s another thing: all of the people who complain about high gas prices not only drive gas guzzlers, but they live in large, spread suburban neighborhoods that are far away from work. There was a crisis in the ’70s, skeptics and conspiracy theorists have predicted $4.00 a gallon for years (including the gov), and, after factoring inflation, gas peaked at $3.49 in 2005.

Bottom line is consumers here aren’t very intelligent. There’s nothing wrong with buying a luxurious car in a distant suburb if you can AFFORD and you’re confident you always will be able too. If you bought a gas guzzler after Operation Iraqi Freedom, or better yet October of 2005, then you really shouldn’t be complaining because you already experienced an increase in prices- I picked up on all this and I was only 17 in 2005! (which is why I am studying econ today).

I say let the prices rise- eventually Americans will realize to distinguish between luxury vs.necessity and learn tat the 70s fuel crisis is only a glimpse of what could really happen.

By the way, that was my political answer. my econ answer would have been &quot:just right&quot: because that’s where the market wants, less those stupid taxes that happen to be far lower then the rest of the world’s anyway.

Economically speaking, I figure that if I lived 5 miles from work I would be willing to pay someone 5 bucks to give me a ride rather than walk. To travel 5 miles takes about 1/4 a gallon. 1/4 of 4 is $1.00 SO buying gas actually saves me $4.00…actually, a bit less/more than that because walking gives me exercise which has value in itself, and walking in the snow is a bit more painful. Thinking like an economist is so much fun!

Best quote of the answers &quot: No one can really control the minipulation of the price. people can sell oil at higher prices and rasie the price&quot:……………read that again, it’s kind of funny.

Oh too low. I wish they were $6 a gallon. They are a bargin now! 🙂

just kidding!

They are WAY to high. I think it’s causing a lot of problems for families. People are running out of gas now, not because they were too lazy (well maybe sometimes) but because they can’t afford it. Everything is going up. Airlines are charging now to check the first bag, delivery fees are going up.

Everyone is struggling w/ the gas prices and even trying to get jobs that are closer to home!

I love the nature of your question. Gas prices are much too low. The price of Gas has sparked one protest of note in Spain/France. Government spending on developing clean technology remains weak. If gas prices continue there trend then it will become a number one issue and with enough minds on the job an answer can be developed. If humans can get to the moon, we should be able to run vehicles on something other than black ooze.

I’m in Michigan too. I am happy to see the high prices at the pumps, all the better for my new biz! The higher the gas goes, the more people want what I have! It is the best biz opty out there! Right time, right place, definately right product!!!!

The price of Gas is ridiculously overpriced. Global oil demand is not that high. there is alot of specualtion in the market. No one can really control the minipulation of the price. people can sell oil at higher prices and rasie the price. A oil of barrel can change hands hundreds of times without it even leaveing a tanker.

Conserve energy but the only thing is that we as americans have to invest into mass transit and making that better and trustworthy and the most important part SAFETY. But there are families that are going into some cutbacks because of this.

Yes – way to high!! Do not know what part of the country or world you live in, but here in So Cal prices have raised more that 20% in just the last two weeks…………have a small car and a small truck and it cost me much more to fill them up than ever,,,,,,,

Too damn high. I may not need to drive that much or that often but when I see it’s costing me $50 to fill my tank, it’s a real pain.


Hey Stomper, I commute 35 miles roundtrip to go to work. Too lazy to walk to work? Ha! I live in Vegas besides. Let’s see you walk in 110 degree heat every day.

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