Your opinion during World War II?

From what you know about revolutions(The American Revolution, the French Revolution, Gandhi’s efforts and the actions of Kemal Ataturk) do you think that the Japanese conquest of areas of Asia was a war of liberation? Or in other words do you believe that what the Japanese did during World War II was to dominate an area (Asia) or to free people of French or American rule?

It was a war of domination. They needed the raw materials of Asia to fuel their economy.

They preached the ‘war of liberation’ to get the natives allied to their cause.

Surely, they wanted to dominate those areas since they follow an ideologies called imperialism and militarism. Japan was an aggressive nation and empire during that time, first starting off attacking Manchuria. It will follow the Nanking Massacre, which is gruesome.

actually japan LIKED westernization. they embraced it. thats y they didnt get owned like the chinese. cuz the japanese were willing to used cannons and all those big destroyers. soo the japanese liked the western technologies.
and btw, east asia had only vietnam region governed by french and singapore governed by british. y would anyone in their right mind want to start a whole war just for those small countries?
obviously, japan only wanted to take over more land to expand resources and raw materials to fuel thier economy instead of relying on foreign trade.
and they didnt free anyone. all they did was kill us poor chinese ppl and freakin raped all our beautiful women.

I think the Japanese were mostly focused on making sure powerful countries did not develop a rooted military presence in the area and control them.

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