Why haven’t all Jews migrated to Israel?

Is it because some don’t except Israel since it was established by non religious Jews? or other reasons

&quot:Is it because some don’t accept Israel since it was established by non-religious Jews?&quot:
The very religious Orthodox Jews refused to make aliyah (go to Israel) because they had not been called to do so by the messiah. Many of them decided to go when life in Christian Europe became intolerable and the political Zionists gave them special concessions within the government. They continue to have special powers within the government to this day — yet they deny the existence of Israel from the steps of the Knesset!

&quot:Isn’t part of Jewish teachings is that all Jews will be returned to Israel during the Messianic age?&quot:
Yes, your are absolutely correct. Obviously it is NOT the messianic age!
&quot:…they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.&quot: (Isaiah 2:4)

Why haven’t all Catholics migrated to Vatican City? You have the wrong idea about Judaism. There are millions of Jews living all over the world other than in Israel and not all of us want to live there. Now, what makes you think we do?

Edit: Well, obviously, to the Jews, this is NOT the Messianic age. I don’t understand this. All Jews are not Orthodox just as all Christians are not Episcapalian or Baptists. I am a 4th generation American and that’s what I want to remain. What’s the problem with that?

a. They don’t want to.
b. They don’t all speak Hebrew.
c. Mandatory military service.
d. The area is a TAD bit violent.
e. Not all Jews are Religious Jews.
f. More Jews live in the US.
g. Not all Jews agree with Israel. (i.e. Jews Against Israel)
h. The last time A bunch of Jews were in the same place. Six million of them died.
i. They may be happy where they are.
j. Tons more reasons.
Why don’t All Catholics live in the Vatican?

Going to Israel is a person’s choice—they don’t have to go if they don’t feel convicted to go.

I want to go to Israel (I just can’t afford it right now) and I’m also working on getting my degree so that when I go to Israel I’ll be able to find a job in my field of expertise and get money for an apartment in Israel.

Moving to Israel is a gradual thing—it’s really hard to do it all at once because you are basically picking up your life and moving it to another country. This takes time to do properly.

decrease back in 0.33-one hundred A.D. people who fled have been spared as they obeyed the cost of Christ to pass away and pontificate the gospel to the entire international. while G-d does call Israel to the Land it is going to likely be back by way of divine determination and people who heed could have a extra effective existence and a much less worldly one. this is extra effective to obey G-d than go through his chastenings. The land Israel is a [place G-d will defend supernaturally and has volitility. If G-d attracts all to Meggido back as in Ezeikiel he’s able to defend and lead the victory as many would be slain. specific faith or secular mindness does mena G-d wil return them as quickly as back. the promises and calls of G-d are irrevocable. Heeding a life-time of protection and prosperity won’t mean that G-d will enable a thorn of their area to return back. this is short-term that they pass someplace else.

well in the most simplistic terms, if you have made a stable life elsewhere why move to a country in turmoil, that could be a reason

i dont know why they would want to move there if they leave in relative peace in a country like america
there are constant clashes between palestinians and jews and its not really an environment i would voluntarily put myself in if was jewish

though there are some settlers who move to israel from states like new york so it might not be completely accurate for everyone

Why don’t all Muslims emigrtate to one of their 22 Muslim states…?

Why don’t all Catholics move to Rome?

There are plenty of very religious Jews living in Israel.

– we are not in the messianic age at present.

The become accustomed to the place where they are. It always needed for them to be exiled by countries they settled in because wherever they stay, they prosper because of their industriousness often to be envied and ostracized by some host countries in Europe.
They are almost like the Chinese immigrants who make waves where ever they are.

I&quot:m kinda 4th generation american. what about you?

any jews &quot:migrating&quot: to israel has to go back 1000’s of generations to get to Israel.

Why would they, Israel isn’t the best place to be right now.

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