Why do opponents of same sex marriage say childish foolish things to make their point?

i hear things like why stop there, why not marry your dog- your car- or a sheep, or what about incest should we allow that to then? those are the most nonsensical irrational answers i have ever heard- grow up people- its coming whether you like it or not. just like gays in the military. gay marriage is not going to hurt anybody

Gay marriage doesn’t hurt any one love is love and people need to stop making a big deal out of nothing .


you ought to be attentive to that some human beings think of that that’s irrational for 2 human beings of the comparable intercourse to get married. there’s a reason of marriage between a guy and a woman to get married and procreate. that’s smart, rational, organic and has been that way by way of fact the commencing up of time. Now there are people who decide to have what others have yet won’t be able to. Why? by way of fact it fairly isn’t any longer rational, smart, or organic. And with the help of capacity of you asserting that that’s does not make it spectacular. you in basic terms like it considering you have chosen it. have you ever examine the entire gay agendas? look it up on the internet. that’s disgusting and immoral plenty that even a gay guy or woman in his spectacular suggestions does no longer stand for it. It even shows sodomy. Do you recommend sodomy and rape of toddlers? examine the gay schedule and tell me back how others are being nonsensical. And be truthful to your self. by way of fact in case you settle with this poor piece of literature, i won’t discover something interior my coronary heart to understand something which you inquire from me genuinely. circulate forward. Google it and consider it. tutor know for humanity to be an truthful observer of this letter of possibility. no longer by capacity of rational human beings suggestions you, yet by capacity of people who could have what they desire no rely who gets harm or deceived. Even harmless infants. Is that what you prefer? Do you care?

That is your opinion. If there should be no restrictions on marriage that means no restrictions. Why go back and forth.

I agree that gay marriage doesn’t harm anybody, but what do you have against incest? Why do you consider that harmful? Were you taught to believe that it’s wrong?

It is? Prove it.

Because they can’t come up with any valid arguments: there are none.

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