Why do many NBA fans who liked jordon fail to acknowledge that Lebron will be better than him?

Even Michael Jordan himself said that at this age of 22 lebron is better than him in every aspect of the game even shooting. Lebron James had less talent around him than michael jordan when he first played in an nba finals. Lebron James is playing tougher competition than jordan did. Right now in the NBA there are always 4-5 teams in the west that can win it and 2-3 teams in the east that can win the nba finals. Maybe the only team that jordan played who had a chance to beat them was barkley suns and malone jazz in 1998.

Umm… Does it really matter? Whatever happened to wait and see? I am pretty sure that is why they play the games in the first place.

It’s unlikely that Jordan would have been as successful as Lebron has been if he left after his 2nd year in college as opposed to his 3rd year. Still, Mike was a handful and NO ONE stopped him besides Father Time, (he’s the best defender I’ve ever seen in the long run).

People’s &quot:opinions&quot: DO NOT MATTER. Not mine and not yours either. ANY TIME someone offers an &quot:opinion&quot: on here they are pretty much violating the rules of Yahoo! Answers. Then again, most questions about basketball are subjective.

THAT IS WHY GAMBLING EXISTS! That way Loud Mouths can put their money where their mouths are. I used to gamble on basketball and I did quite well thank you. Once I got my system down I NEVER lost! I either broke even or made money EVERY TIME and NO I won’t teach you my secrets. I will tell you it requires OBJECTIVITY and NOT OPINIONS.

From your scrilla clockin’, snitchin’ out terrible questions homeboy &quot:Basketball Cop&quot: a.k.a resonatingfrequency

Lebron is a great player, but he cannot be compared to MJ yet. It shouldn’t even be a question for another 13 or 14 years. To say that Lebron is better now is outrageous. He did get his team to the finals in his third season, but seriously Michael Jordan was the greatest player to ever play the game. I really think that you are just a huge Lebron fan that wasn’t around when MJ was in his prime, and maybe doesn’t know the accomplishments of the real champion.

Dont forget the bad boy pistons, and the Bird Celtic teams that haunted Jordan early on in his career: those were truly great teams. To say competition is off as well, the international talent pool has been ballanced out through expansion. Lebron is obviously a better physical specimen athletically, however MJ was a better scorer, and a top notch defender. Yeah, Jordan had better supporting cast, and lord knows the refs (thanks to D-Stern) gave him every call they could. But let LeBron win a couple titles first before we put him ahead of MJ.

Lebron will not be as effective a player as Jordan was later on in his career. He simply relies too much on his athletic ability ( and traveling ) and isn’t as fundamentally sound. Jordan beat a tough 90’s Eastern conference as well. Lebron at age 30? I’ll be surprised if he averages more than 20 ppg.

Just read this
Until the day comes when Lebron beatz this then i guess its safe to say Lebron Is the NEW MJ…until then Michael Jordon is the World’s Best BasketBall Player. A legend for Decades to Come.

You might have kinda of a point there but I disagree with you when you say LeBron is playing tougher competition. Every team in the east has sucked the last couple of years.

probably if lebron keeps progressing through his game and gets rings cuz thats what its all about he has to win multiple mvps so im not sold on lebron being better than jordan oh yah don’t forget the lakers,blazers,pistons, and the celtics they were really good franchises too

No Doubt LeBron is a good player but saying he will be better then Jordan is taking it too far…

theres no comparison really. lebron is a great player &amp: is atheletic but to be better than jordan he has to be like jordan first &amp: then improvise so first he needs a couple of mvps, wins &amp: then only can he match/come close to jordan.

???………………………ohhh you defiantly are Lebron fan merely analyzing by potential of your faulty argument assertion. right it fairly is the data &amp: hopefully stick this on your thick cranium. Kobe did no longer win those 3 NBA Championship jewelry from Shaquille O’Neal. Imagen if Kobe has by no potential got here to l. a. &amp: stayed with the Charlotte Hornets? ought to Shaq take the Lakers to the Finals by potential of himself &amp: win those 3 jewelry &amp: 3 very final MVP? What approximately interior the 2006 Finals? ought to Shaq could nonetheless have gained his 4th ring devoid of D.Wade? And final what approximately Jordan devoid of Scottie Pippen? you ought to think of incredibly difficult because of the fact your finding to your a freaking fool &amp: clueless. It took Lebron 10 yrs to win his first ring on the age of 28 yrs old. It took Kobe 5 yrs to win his first ring on the age of 21 yrs old. It took Lebron 10 yrs to be on his top which it began in 2012. It took Kobe 10 yrs to be on his top which it began in 2006. 5 jewelry beat a million ring. 17 yrs journey beats 10 yrs journey. -watching NBA because 1993

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