Why didn’t Bill Clinton call north Korea an &quot:axis of evil&quot:?

Maybe he learned the very difficult rule of diplomacy that insulting leaders of foreign nations is NOT a good way to get them to co-operate with you.

Who would have guessed?

because he knew it wasn’t a hollywood film, words and actions have consequences!

North Korea was bluffing. Reality is that the Korean War of 1950-53 never ended once-and-for-all with a peace treaty. Instead, it halted with a UN ceasefire agreement. Meaning any attack by North Korea would break the ceasefire and put North Korea right back at war again with the United Nations. Particularly, the long list of UN countries that liberated South Korea from a North Korean invasion back in the early 50s: -Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Greece, India, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States. Apparently they don’t teach history in schools anymore, since Americans (and surprisingly high number of Brits for some odd reason) sh*t their pants in a panic thinking big, bad North Korea was about to nuke the nuts off the USA and anyone else that got in their way. Which is, of course, the sort of ignorance North Korea was counting on. The whole purpose of the NK’s making crazy threats was to scare the US into getting North Korea what it wanted. Except North Korea dragged things out too long and then the Boston Marathon Bombings focused international attention away from North Korea. And in the end, North Korea’s bluff was called: It never attacked anyone because it can’t. North Korea has no desire to finish losing the Korean War. And no way of taking on the world and winning, either.

Obviously because Clinton loves Commies. He didn’t dis on Kim Jong Il’s country. Clinton was hoping that they could become best buds and maybe team up to win over Fidel Castro. Then this band of unlikely heroes would unite their resources to resurrect the recently deceased USSR (РЎРѕСЋР· Советских Социалистических Республик for all you crazy Russians). After that, the coalition of crazed commies would show the whole world the joys of communism and how it would totally not end the world. All this would set the stage for the next generation of commies to rule the world, led by the messiah BARACK OBAMA and his best friend Hugo Chavez. But, alas, there would come a power struggle. Barack and his friend both wanted to nationalize too many corporations and got into a commie nationalization race. With Chavez winning, Barack decided to play dirty and nuke the Chavez family estate. FINALLY, Barack Obama, the messiah, was in total control of the world. But wait, this story does not have a happy ending. The first few months under the messiah’s rule were fine, but then the people of his native land realized what a flipping idiot he was and decided to impeach him, effectively ending his reign as Messiah Barack Hussein Obama, Ruler of the Galaxy, World, and YOU. He was also stripped of all of his titles, including his first name, so that now he is only known as Hussein Obama. Then the world returned to normal. The end.

It is that, but it’s also because he’s not stupid.

He also understands what an &quot:axis&quot: is: North Korea was not part of an axis with Iran and/or Iraq.

I have not achieved the lord obama devotion as you and can learn a lot from you. your devotion to lord obama is bar none and I envy you.

please do not take credit away from our lord obama by praising clinton who’s wife, our lord obama’s secretary of state, exchanged childish words with our lord obama’s friend north korea!

Maybe he was the bigger man and didn’t have to get in a p*ssing contest with every other world leader like the last guy did. And maybe he wanted to get those young women out most of all.

Clinton didn’t have David Frum as a speechwriter to come up with that &quot:gem.&quot:

Because Bill Clinton is not only educated, but intelligent as well, unlike the village idiot.

That, and they didn’t really have anything to do with other members of the supposed axis.

Because he has tact and guile unlike a certain president named after foliage.

Either that or he actually doesn’t see anything wrong with the regime’s behavior.

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