Who is your favorite retired NBA player who never got his ring?

Who are some great athletes who were denied the big one?.
my pick (and not just because I’m a Jazz fan) would have to be
John Stockton. The man revolutionized the point guard position and
in his prime was unmatched (Is’nt his all-time assists AND steal records good evidence) dispite it all Stockton was denied ( I mostly blame the Bulls) a ring. Other names that come to mind: Chris Mullin, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller and Patrick Ewing.

Charles Barkley. The mound round of rebound who got as close as game 7 with two minutes left, unfortunately people criticize him for not making key shots down the stretch of that game. That’s completely unfair, the guy was the reason Phoenix got there in the first place. Also, he was a beast in Philadelphia, though they didn’t get as close, he carried that team and established himself as one of the greatest scorers and rebounders of all-time. The rebounds are what is extremely impressive given that he wasn’t a big man, yet he got a ton anyawy. Plus he is a character with a great sense of humor (some people just have to be from Philly to agree with me but maybe I’m wrong). Definitely would have liked to see Barkley get a ring.

So many but my top 3 would be…
1. Patrick Ewing
2. Charles Barkley
3. Karl Malone

Charles Barkley

Karl Malone, Reggie Miller are my top two


Jim Jackson

Elgin Baylor

Dominant forward for the lakers who retired and then the lakers won the title that season. Just heartbreaking from his standpoint I’m sure

career 27.4 point and 13.5 rebound player

sir Charles the round mound of rebound

Charle Barkley becuase he made the game fun to watch and you always wanted to see what he would do or say next like when he spit on a girl

Reggie Miller! His 3 pointers should have helped his team.

But i heard that he might come outta retirment and go to dallas!

John Amechi comes to mind

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