What should I get for my retiring AP Chemistry teacher?

Well, my AP Chemistry teacher is retiring this year, and I want to him get something nice. He does so much for my school: he practically runs it (he’s not the principal or anything either).

old people like whisky.

how about a CHEEP newtons craddle. even tho hes not a physisit he may stilll enjoy it.
or maybe a morphsuit
or a onesiie with feet?

If widely used chemistry got here extremely to then you definitely AP chemistry would be basic adequate. not asserting it extremely is going to be a humorous tale, even the terrific of scholars discover a number of it frustrating — even regardless of the undeniable fact that it is not soul-crushingly perplexing. i’m not the brightest bulb interior the chandelier, yet I took AP chemistry, worked fairly not basic, and have been given a 4 on the examination without breaking my back (some instruments I extremely did not make investments adequate time into — in my view chanced on electrochemistry the main perplexing subject rely). in case you have fun with chemistry and discover it exciting to the factor of the place it rather is relaxing so which you will learn then AP chemistry ought to o.k. be your in demand classification. Do your artwork regardless of the undeniable fact that, not like it variety of feels that it is going to likely be a issue with you. the class murders maximum slackers, even the genius ones get bitten interior the butt in the event that they slack too lots.

i have a science teacher like that, i would get him a giftcard or something like that but write a meaningful card, in the long run that’s what he’ll remember

get him the first season of the show breaking bad, its about a chemistry teacher who becomes a crystal meth manufacturer great show

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