What is it you hated most about the &quot:American Idiot&quot: album by Green Day?

We hear that they sold out. We heard all the 12 year olds at the time screaming OMG GREEN DAY!!!1 (now they’re screaming OMG JONAS BROTHERS!!!). But what is it we really hated most about it? If you actually listened to the whole album, it’s really not THAT bad. I mean, Green Day is an old, old band. They’re sound has changed drastically, yes. I admit, I was a bit turned off by the ~conversion~ to ‘alternative’ instead of their more recognized punk sound. But the songs on that album are actually very enjoyable… Back when it first came out, I HATED it. Why? The exposure. That had to be the most overplayed album of the decade. EVERYONE was talking about it and how great it was. Every time you turn on the radio one of the songs off of it was playing. It made my brain hurt.

Now, since no one really talks about it so much, I can actually enjoy it. While I prefer their older work, American Idiot really isn’t that bad.


I still contend that &quot:Wake Me Up When September Ends&quot: is one of the most annoying songs ever. I don’t know if it’s just because it was SO overplayed or what, but whenever I hear that I literally put my hands over my ears and go &quot:Ahhhhhhlalalalala I can’t hear youuuuu!&quot:

I like the song &quot:American Idiot&quot: though. I don’t love it. I don’t play it often. But I love the lyrics!

&quot:Don’t want to be an American idiot.&quot: &lt:—- priceless.

I agree with you, I prefer the older stuff but AI wasn’t horrible. I just rarely publicize my views about this on Y!A since the other users tend to bash you on stuff like that. =/

Bah, the anti America &quot:crap&quot: was probably why I liked it …..

no band has ever stayed the same. Green Day made american idiot becuase every other band was too scared to put out their voice. They had an opinion, what the hell is wrong with that?! isnt that the most punk thing to do, …and..they dont say theyre punk to whoever said that GIMME AN ARTICLE THAT SAYS THEY DO! anyway, they just happened to dislike the american government and so put out their feelings about it through music, EVERY BAND DOES THAT! i love old and new Green Day, i think every album is different, the first two were probably the most similiar but the rest were really distinct. They change the sound in every album, but The Clash another well recognised punk band had different sounds that dont all sound particularly punk. but it is still called punk.

so yes, i am defending Green Day, it is my duty as a fan, people dont understand what they wanted, hey maybe i dont.
but it is a great album and so are the others.

I think that the term &quot:sold out&quot: is a little bit unfair, because it seems that everytime a band changes their style there’s always somebody accusing them of being sell outs.

Personally, I liked &quot:American Idiot.&quot: Yes, it was different from their older stuff but different in a good way. If Green Day kept making the same punk sounding records, eventually people would call them untalented SOBs.

My point: If they stuck to their exact same sound, they’d be criticized for being monotonous. If they alter their sound, they’re criticized for being &quot:sell outs.&quot:

I think the album was enjoyable. Do I think the songs were the greatest songs in the world? No. Just because some of the songs had a few week lyrics or seemed kind of cliche doesn’t mean the songs are terrible though. You can’t expect every song to be perfect according to your liking. What matters is that they are entertaining–after all, it IS the entertainment business.

There’s nothing wrong with American Idiot and they didn’t sell out. They just happened to make a real good album. Selling out would be something more along the lines of being played on the radio as often as Daughtry. Now what they do next will determine whether or not they are sell outs. Rock on!

Well…honestly, the thing I hated most was the transition to a lighter, even more radio-friendly sound that Pete Wentz would be proud of. Songs like that include: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake me Up When September Ends, and Give Me Novacaine.

Also, I was bugged that they switched into a political lyrical theme…Green Day, in their earlier days, weren’t very political at all. So, why the change? They aren’t even very politically aware…

American Idiot was a good album but it was totally different from their previous more punk albums…I had no problem with it except for all of those new Greenday fans who only listened to the American Idiot album and never heard anything from the Dookie,Nimrod,Insominiac,or Warning albums but claim to be die hard Greenday fans…but American Idiot was good but certainly not their best

Good question.
The reason I hated Idiot was because it detracted from American Errorist by Nofx which came out a good two years prior.
Green Day got all of this credit for &quot:speaking out!&quot: and being so brave with all of their ideals when really that record didn’t say much, George Bush is a bad president? Go figure..
I felt the songs were very broad and in-concise, whereas Nofx’s songs were cut and dry outspoken-ness, unabashedly bashing W, the Church, big business and the brain dead public.
&quot:Majority rule don’t work in mental institutions&quot:
No one paid them any attention, maybe they were just unmarketable

i was never a big green day fan to start with, but honestly this album really turned me off to them…they weren’t bad in their earlier days, and dookie was, admittedly, a pretty good album, but to me this was their sellout point, even though you apparently doubt this claim…so many of the songs on the album just seemed ready made for radio consumption, imo you can’t help but at least think that this is a total cash-flow release, and that was never something green day was built on

You know what, I agree with you 100%.
I kinda like the American Idiot album.

i dont hate anything amout the American Idiot album. in faact, i like it a lot even if it is not as good as their earlier stuff. green day is one of my favorite bands(if not my favorite) and i like all of their stuff.

dookie in my opinion was their best album, followed by nimrod and then american idiot.

i agree that it is a really good album


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