What are your thoughts on: New Born Baby Flushed Down The Toilet?

I was shocked, it’s so cruel and inhumane! Not only did the 14 year old girl repeatedly flush her full-term baby down the toilet, but she also had the audacity to claim that she was unaware of her pregnancy!

Here is the story:

What are your thoughts on this case?

I read about this yesterday and honestly, I was so disgusted. Hearing about it again gave me the exact same effect. Apparently, this will continue to shock, appall, and disgust me.

I think it’s an absolute disgrace. At 14 years old, this girl knew about sex. She had to have taken at least one sex ed class. Yet another case of someone wanting to spread their legs and then not take care of what THEY’VE done. That girl needs to be charged with MURDER. She murdered an innocent baby because she couldn’t keep her damn legs shut.

I like how it added that the little tramp was in &quot:stable condition&quot:. Had I been anywhere near that girl, I would’ve beat the hell out of her.

Truly, TRULY disgraceful. I know this answer isn’t as good as it should be, but honestly, things like this just leave me without words. She is a piece of trash, disgusting waste of space. She needs to have her tubes tied….around her neck.

OMFG this is so sad i am in tears she new she was pregnant let me tell you. if a baby fell down the toilet and was crying and that girl said it was a accident. o.k we believe her (sarcasm) it ain’t like flushing a turd down the toilet is it? people like this make me sick she pissing new she was pregnant.i hope she does life.

thats soo sad
and the parents and schoo lmust be retarded to not notice the girl was pregnant how do you not notice her stomache getting huge.
this wasnt an accident this was her trying to stay out of trouble
and its absoulltlly horrible exspencially thinking of herself just tryong not to get in trouble she murdered
actually this is just the same as abortion
unborn babies feel to

that is just SICK. you think youd realize u didnt get ur period for 9 MONTHS and, if you delivered it you WOULD know, even if it was into a toilet. she should be charged with murder and thrown into juvy. NOT acceptable at ANY age.

Man,that’s a really horrible way to die,even a baby feels pain.

OMG! This is so terrible! Shame on that girl, to end a completely innocent child’s life is terrible, it is her own child too! If she didn’t want to deal with the wrath of her parents then she shouldn’t have had sex! Poor baby never stood a change!

That is awful

i havnt heard that until just then

who would do such a thing

i hoinestly couldnt live with my self

sick- how could she think that it would actually go down the toilet. why not just lay it on the floor and run (which would not be good but better than what she did) if she was so scared?

thats disgusting fair enough shes a frightened 14 year old child but to do that to your baby is disgusting i hope she gets life

Damn, that is just so messed up, killing a baby in a toilet…that’s just so retarted. How can someone even do that to a kid, damn she could have at least gave it away or some crap, not kill it like that.

there is something seriously wrong with her there is no way u can be unaware that ur pregnant for 9 months

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