reasking since no one ever reads the details?

could anyone please give me examples of biblical prophecies that you believe have been fulfilled OUTSIDE of the bible (as in, not something that is fulfilled within the bible, like freeing the jews)

there arent any

Maybe you didn’t read my ANSWER…so here we go again…
1) the ENTIRE statue of King Nebs dream…short of the 10 toes, has been fulfilled…HISTORICALLY(‘OUTSIDE of the Bible’)…unless your history books don’t include the Babylonian empire(the head of gold)…..the Medo-Persian Empire(the chest and arms of silver-two empires coming together)…..the Grecian Empire(the belly and thighs)… and the Roman Empire( the legs of iron-being divided into two, east and west)…
2) King Nebs vision with the writing on the wall has, historically and archaeologically been proven (‘OUTSIDE of the Bible’)
3) Historians (‘OUTSIDE of the Bible’), not biblical, such as Josephus, wrote about Jesus the man…get Josephus’ book and read it for yourself. Just because you personally don’t believe in Jesus or His ministry, doesn’t mean that He didn’t exist and writers of history, yes OTHER than the Biblical account, seemed compelled to write about this man.
4) Israel again becoming a nation (not ‘freeing the jews’) WAS prophesied in Biblical times but it wasn’t until May 14,1948 (our time) that this was fulfilled…so that is for SURE ‘OUTSIDE of the Bible’

I could go on and on but I’ve already done it once and maybe you should do a little reading of your own soooooo….
5) look at just for starters on what has been fulfilled ‘OUTSIDE the Bible’

PS I think that you also need to ‘read the details’ =)

PPS I don’t know where my answer went to your first question but I had spent the time to answer you. And with answers ‘outside of the Bible’ I guess somebody didn’t like what I had written. Sorry.

Once again, Chernobyl. And yes I meant the power plant. That was written in Revelation back in the first century, and not fulfilled until 1986. How much &quot:outside the bible fulfillment&quot: did you want for goodness sakes? lol

Perhaps you are too young to remember it, but it did send radiation over all of Europe. At the time, they estimated that one-third of the world was affected by the radiation. All over Europe and northwards they had to discontinue all cow milk, they had kids getting sick from the water the radiation affected.

Well lets see first. It is obvious that you not attending church. In the congregation there will be a prophet. Ask in your church I am sure there is some prophecies that was given that came true. Well lets see. A dear child of God did give a prophesy that in my group of friends one person will bring another back to life. It did happen about 6 months ago that this prophesy was fulfilled. God Bless

Excellent answer cbmultiplechoice. is great, but it won’t be good enough for crystallinectar. She is too smart to accept or know truth, and I don’t think anyone can change her opinion. Her mind is made up, regardless of facts.

A whip for the horse,
A bridle for the donkey,
And a rod for the fool’s back.
Do not answer a fool according to his folly,
Lest he be wise in his own eyes.
He who sends a message by the
hand of a fool
Cuts off his own feet and drinks
Like the legs of the lame that hang
Is a proverb in the mouth of a fool.

Crystallinectar isn’t looking for answers,
She has Moses and the Prophets.
I will speak no more.

Matthew 24 the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The falling away of the true church Acts 20: and false teaching regarding eating meat and marriage 1Tim 4. Just a few.

bliblical prophecies that are from outside the bible???

I think you mean stuff like the time traveler or so he claimed who came and said that CERN LHC would be built and result in great scientifict advancements years before it ever was known to the public? If not your question needs to be re posted yet again or add some detail and I will check back maybe 🙂

I am not aware of any. True prophecy has always been given by God to His receiver (Daniel, Micah, Ezekiel, etc.) So, using that definition, anything that someone has purported to have predicted, and has claimed that prediction has been fulfilled, can’t be a prophetic vision UNLESS they indeed received it from God himself.

Did you ever Lose your self to get what you prefer? No Did you ever Get on a experience and wanna get off? particular-many Did you ever Push away those you may desire to’ve held close? particular Did you ever Doubt your dream will ever come genuine? particular Did you ever Blame the international yet by no potential blame you? No

God has now stepped forward to defend Israel against even the USA. Recent catastrophieshave happened in the USA and God is saying to the USA DO NOT SPLIT MY LAND. And are we listening, probably not. Shame on the USA !!!
If you want a more complete and authorative detailed analysis of catastrophies be sure and get the book EYE TO EYE. DO NOT PASS THIS OFF LIGHTLY !!!

The book of Daniel speaks of 4 world powers arising. Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and the Roman empire.

GOD bless

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