procedures regarding gay marriages in uk?

Gay Marriage is not legal in the U.K.
Perhaps you should look into a civil partnership? If so you can find out at your local Registry Office.

There are no Gay Marriages in the UK

Just Civil Partnerships

If i become in value: The civil and criminal concerns, which incorporates inheritance, visitation rights, tax status etc, that presently bypass with what we call &quot:marriage&quot: will be available to each and every person inspite of sexual decision. Civil marriage will be a freelance count number with standardized words (as to age of consent, degree of consanguinuity, etc. which presently decision between states) and would hide all the criminal rights and household projects. The civil marriage will be finalized because the minute the couple warning signs an settlement to achieve this earlier a court clerk and/or yet another suitable first rate. non secular marriage will be optional, and could be thoroughly as a lot because the couple and any organization or minister they ask to finish the service for them. No church or minister will be compelled to finish something they locate objectionable, yet neither ought to they deny a pair the right to bypass elsewhere for such service. allow the state manage civil concerns: allow the church homes manage concerns of the spirit. that is basically my handle it. i’m a criminal Wiccan minister, approved to finish marriages, and could be more desirable than prepared to finish gay or lesbian marriages if it were criminal in my state.

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