Poll: Have you ever eaten something you craved and then felt soooo sick afterwards cause it was nasty?

I just had an awful salmon bagel and I just kept eating it cause I really fancied it, but it was soooo yucky, all chewy and with skin bits so I had to spit part of it back out. But I still kept eating it. bleurgh…

No, I haven’t so much eaten something that was nasty whilst I was still eating it: if I’ve gotten sick it was because I didn’t realise it was nasty until after I’d already eaten it. About a week ago I ate this pudding that had been left in the fridge for who knows how long, and it made me really sick. It tasted great the first time, just not the second time…

I haven’t had the displeasure you are experiencing. Don’t give up on the foods you fancy. You will get bad stuff once in a great while but if you stick with it you can still enjoy those things you like. One food that never changes is fish with pin bones. I love fish but only the ones with no pin bones. Red Snapper is a perfect example. Thank God there are more fish in the sea than just Red Snapper. Keep on the sunny side.

hmm good question, it’s a difficult one to answer because I’m a grubber who’ll eat absolutely anything!

I’d probably say the one and only donner kebab that I’ve ever eaten. It seemed like a good idea at the time (doesn’t everything when you are intoxicated?). The sauce was worse than the &quot:meat&quot: and I could taste it for days!

How can you fancy something and not like it at the same time?!
Anyway, yes. Brownies. My mom makes the best brownies you will ever find and unfortunately, my taste buds agree. I ate so many I felt really sick, but the next day I was ready for more!

YES. I was on a diet and stayed away from Fast foods for several months, finally the urge took over and I hit McD’s for a Big Mac and large Fry. I got sick to my stomach almost immediately after finishing the Big Mac.

I haven’t had another since

yeri always crave pork pies but i find them revolting both while im eating them and after… apparently its because you crave vitamins or minerals and your bodys way of getting it is to make you crave things that contain it.

e.g. i crave prok pies caus im anemic and the protein isin pork pies, also im squite skinny and dont eat much for how miuch exercise i do so my body craves the fat in it. If your craving salmon bagels maybe your craving omega 3 oils and fatty acids or maybe your craving carbs

however sometimes its not that simple.. eg if your craving choccie and sugar then you are lacking in protein so should eat yogurt

You could spea kto a doctor or nutritionist about it to get more info


Yeah! I don’t eat any thing with hydrogenated oil. high fructose corn syrup or any red meats! However I do get an occasional craving! Like last time I ordered a hamburger because I thought I missed them and it made me deathly ill because my body is so not used to eating that garbage.

Pizza Rolls and Crispy Creme Donuts (KKD) – not together, but those two are so hard to put down. I never threw up because of eating too much of them, but i didn’t want to be bothered for a while – felt like my stomach was slowly splitting in half X_X

that sounds absolutely gross. but i did the same thing today. it was a craving for an Arby’s roast beef sandwich. We don’t have an Arby’s in my town, so whenever we go to a town that does, I try to eat there cause I love it. but today, the bread was a little dry and it just wasn’t as good as normal, but i kept eating it. in fact, I ate two of them. i loaded them with Arby’s sauce and dipped them in ketchup too. afterwards i felt like a bloated mess.

Yes!!!!! One day I couldn’t decide what to eat n fancied a bit of practically everything from the freezer – like a burger, chips, a bit of roasted veg, peas n carrots, onion rings… u get the picture. But when I ate it I soon felt really ill 🙁

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