Obama/Clinton ticket or Clinton/Obama ticket?

Which failing ticket will it be?

It looks like an Obama/Clinton ticket. I don’t see it failing either. There are more registered Dems than Reps and there will be huge voter registration drives this summer.

I think both of these people should have gained more experience before running for the presidency. At least Bill will be around to help out.

Where are the polls showing which ticket would be the least beatable?

Richardson, Sebelius, Edwards and Pelosi are also up for consideration as possible VP candidates.


Wed Mar 19, 7:03 AM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama’s big national lead over Hillary Clinton has all but evaporated in the U.S. presidential race, and both Democrats trail Republican John McCain, according a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

The Elite Democrats CAN AND WILL select the person that they FEEL has the BEST chance to REPRESENT the Democratic Party!!

With ALL of the scandal surrounding OBAMA, …

He is NOT going to be their CHOICE !!!


I would rather clinton/obama, this would open the door to a more ready obama in 8 years. I would much rather see clinton/edwards though.

Obama/Clinton is a possibility.

I prefer no Clinton in the ticket, though.


Anything with Hillary Clinton is a loser.

ABC = Anybody But Clinton

You mean compared to Speeding/ DUI ticket? I think Obama would be the DUI- he keeps driving in the wrong directions, while Hillary is speeding ahead of him. McCain is waiting at the finish line.


I think Obama would rather have Ted Kennedy,because Old Teddy is not white,he’s red face
together they would be just like a coral snake,black on red

Probably HRC/Obama. The racist reverend’s comments pretty much doomed Obama on the top of the ticket.

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