new zodiac sign? wondering…?

i heard there is a new zodiac sign because they found a new constellation. does anyone know what it is? and what the new birthdays are for each sign? i wanna know if mine is different now. thanks!

Nothing new and often answered here.

According to the boundaries for the constellations adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1921, there are 13 signs of the zodiac instead of the usual 12: time from Ophiuchus the snake handler is usually included in time given to Scorpius. If you already know your astrological sign from reading an astrology column in a newspaper or from consultation with an astrologer, you may be surprised that few of these dates correspond to the dates listed in the newspaper’s astrological column. Why? Generally, listed astrological signs and the dates given by most astrologers assume that you were born around 140 AD.

This is nine years before Pluto was discovered. Pluto took a little while but attributes were made up for it. Twelve is the magic number. Astrology can not be anything else but twelve signs because it divides easy. Add or take away one sign and you will have a prime number. These can not be divided at all.
Astrology rules change only when there is an advantage.

Oh yes I have heard of this.
Apparently (I am Aquarius) that because of this new Zodiac sign, I have now become Capricorn I think.

The new sign is called Ophiuchus.

The reason why people haven’t changed it, I am unsure of. I think its just a cultural thing. The main reason why their is a different sign is because all the stars have moved and the earth, or something like that and the horoscopes need to be adjusted.

Check out this website for more details:…

The new horoscope dates:
Capricornus (Jan 19- Feb 15), 28 days

Aquarius (Feb 16- Mar 11), 24 days

Pisces ( Mar 12- Apr 18),38 days

Aries (Apr 19- May 13), 25 days

Taurus ( May 14- Jun 19), 37 days

Gemini (Jun 20- Jul 20), 31 days

Cancer (Jul 21- Aug 9), 20 days

Leo (Aug 10-Sep 15),37 days

Virgo (Sep 16- Oct 30),45 days

Libra (Oct 31-Nov 22),23 days

Scorpius (Nov 23-Nov 29),7 days

Ophiuchus (Nov 30-Dec 17),18 days

From what I know the 12 sign influences remain the same. Also, that the 13th sign would be divided between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Hmmm.. Well, this sounds quite interesting ! Sorry I got nothing to say because I just knew about this …. I’ll try to make a research and I’ll let you know if I found out anything about this new information…

Unless they create a new month for your birth, odds are you’ll be stuck with your present sign. And it’s just as well, isn’t it? You don’t want to have to re-learn all the elements and ruling planets for your sign, do you? Sorry, that was sarcasm.

Mark Harmon January 23

Hmmm…Never heard of that.

If ya find proof let me know!

Where did you find this out? X]

I have never heard of this.

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