Labour’s poll rating has slid to its lowest mark in history, is anyone surprised?

With New Labour’s inept, lying administration.

Even though you’re anti-Cornish and do my head in [usually] dispensing crap, I have to agree that Labour are lying gits. I think Labour should go to the Middle-East and be with their lovely muslim friends.

And no, I’m not surprised at all. They should all bugger off, the Cornish hate them more than any other part of the UK.

no longer quiet. His disapproval scores between Republicans is the backside because of the fact the polls have been used considering 1953 via the polling companies. i’m posting a tale/link via politico that announces the Dems are going to take it on the chin in 2010 midterm. Obama isn’t trending properly and has lost surprisingly much 20 factors of his approval score in his first six months. the real urgency in pushing the wellness care reform this twelve months is as a results of the fact next twelve months it no longer passing because of the election and 2010 he won’t have the two homes. Obama has a fifty 3% approval score and became over 70% on election day and seventy 3% on his first day in place of work. The drop is what’s frightening, it practice Independents deserting him.

…LOL! No not surprise because their own backbenchers have been bickering with them for months at least. I’m quite happy in the fact that labour are almost utterly destroyed to be honest as that is one less party that wants to pander to everyone hoping to please everyone but rather messes it up because it isn’t possible. Hopefully UKIP becomes a top three party and pushes labour into fourth place. Tories and UKIP have my support.

I am not surprised at all……. British people take a long time to get their backs up….. And the way things have been going under all three main party’s I think that time is really close….

We have had enough now and the British are fighting back at last….. That’s why BNP and UKIP are shooting ahead with the votes….. Lets hope it can make a difference..!!

Not surprised at all. The way this country is run, and has been run over the past is a joke. We’re known to be a &quot:soft touch&quot: with almost everything! Our jail sentences are pathetic and act as no deterrent to criminals, we allow people to scrounge off benefits for years when there is nothing wrong with them, we allow anyone and everyone (and their families) into the country. On top of that their all bloody thieves who can’t be trusted!

i think Labour/Gordon Brown have fallen into the trap of – just because you give an experienced man the title of Prime Minister doesn’t necessarily mean hes going to be very good at it…

UKIP are 3 points ahead of them, HUMILIATION beckons for Brown come Friday morning !!

The only poll that matters is the one on July 4th. I’m quite looking forward to it.

Not in the slightest my friend. It’s a shame that only a few of us have enough common sense to vote BNP!

Ha Ha bunch of crooks!!…

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