Is there such a thing as a Bacon fetish?

I think I have one. . . . .

It’s delicious, crunchy and… Thanks! That’s all I need is to be hungry for bacon at nearly 1 a.m.! You’re a cruel, cruel person!


Bacon is not just a guy thing. Women like it, too, and I like it too much, which is why I don’t buy it. I can’t trust myself for a moment! This could be like that shrimp thing:
bacon and eggs
bacon, lettuce and tomato
bacon cheeseburger
bacon bits on salad

Hey! A fetish isn’t always that sort of thing that some people think it is! It can be an object believed to have magical or spiritual powers! There’s magic in bacon! It enchants your nose first so that you are compelled to find the source of that fragrance: then, you are compelled to take as many slices as you can get away with before anyone else gets to it! I would call that being under a spell or enchanted, wouldn’t you? A fetish also can be a fixation or lavishing too much attention on an object or objects. See? It’s not all naughtiness and nastiness. So, keep minds out of the gutter, please!

I don’t THINK the questioner is suggesting anything prurient.

If I had a pound of bacon with me, I bet you’d sit next to me on the bus.

wait, fetishs dont have to be sexual right? cause i looooove a perfectly crispy bacon strip. omg that sounds amazing.

mmm Yes, there is… I have a burnt bacon fetish!

yes there is such a thing.

…then I guess there is such a thing

u want me to whip you with a piece of bacon don’t you????


are you saying bacon turns you on?

You and me both LOL I love pig. I think also Chester means pigs in blankets!!!!!!!

i noticed…i have a whipped cream fetish

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