In native american tradition, was there any practice of religious rituals?

other than song and dance … ie: rain dance?

R ya kidding me? They LIVED their religion! EVERYTHING they did revolved around their beliefs! You can’t separate their beliefs from them!

The word &quot:religion&quot: belongs to the white mans world and has very little useful or helpful meaning within the indians various true cultural beliefs. When the catholic church and military personnel came in to steal their land and introduce things like like bullets and sickness their bodies had no immunities for, they hurt the indians in more ways that could be explained in a lifetime. &quot:Civilized&quot: religion honestly has only a negative meaning to the indians. If you change the white mans word &quot:religious&quot: to the word &quot:spiritual&quot: rituals then you have asked a logical and understandable question. The answer to that one would be a profound &quot:YES&quot: in a hundred thousand different ways. As the other poster said, indian cultures do not practice spiritual rituals, they literally live them. All of the civilized organized religions are manmade for mans use in one way or another. They all have their varied and specific &quot:religious rituals&quot: to support their manmade religions requirements and needs. The difference between what (supposedly)civilized people call religion and the spiritualism of the indians is a basic understanding of Love, Gods gifts and Gods love that the white man has long forgotten and maybe never even knew at all.

There were many rituals which were of great spiritual importance to native Americans. For several specific examples from just one particular tribe, I recommend the book &quot:The Sacred Pipe&quot: by Joseph Black Elk.


You must remember that there was not only one Native American tribe in… America.

There where houndreds and houndreds of tribes, each one, with a different name, culture, language, and so, religion… (even skin color, from light brown to red there’s a big difference.)

There were different traditions, as the sacrifice of animals, several spiritual rituals that involved muisic, song, dance, strenght and supernatural tests, and even scientific teachings, like when they passed their advanced astronomic knowings from generation to generation…

Obviously, the traditions were different according to the tribe, place and time.

We can see this by simple deduction and… Discovery Channel :D!
Hope I could help you more, but the pioneers… kindda’ killed almost all the Natives…

Yes, some very lively like dance and celebrating a birth in the tribe (NOTE: the tribe was considered a family, they all loved each other as you love your mother or father.) and some not so lively ones like mediating.

but remember, there were 1000’s of tribes

I am only talking about the tribe that was near me, the Iroquois, specifically the Mohawks

Yes. There are sweat lodges and other rituals that each group practice in their own traditions

In todays New agers and poser clubs…as there absolutely no natives around esp. in the eastern north america…Every fake wannabe I have met that claims Indian offer me a smoke with the weed..but I dont stone with fakes and wannabes and new agers andposer people who play indian with theyre blue eyes and dyed hairs black and faked tanneries.!

Yes, many. That was the purpose of the tribal medicine man, who was in fact a shaman.

We did, and still do. I’m not telling about them though. Snickered has the best answer I ever heard from non-indian about us and our ways. Thumbs up from this old NDN

Well, our religion(Choctaw) was much similar to Christians. We believed in one true God, and that there was good and evil, and that if you lived for the good then you went to the good place when you died.

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