How could I buy a Nissan 370Z?

Hey everyone, I am turning 16 but wont get my first car until March of April 2010. I was wanting to get the Nissan 370Z. The price for the one I was wanting to get is $30,000. Is there any way I am able to get this at my age? I was thinking about getting a job because I don’t play any sports so I am not really that busy. Are there certain payments that I can make? What do you think would be the best way for me to get the Nissan 370Z?

You have to be 18 to sign a contract for a loan. jb

Uhh, I’m 16 and I went with the 350Z, don’t buy the 370Z until your out of high school man. And yes you can get one at your age, BUT, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg for insurance no matter what your grades are in school. Like for my 350Z stock the insurance was $300 and after I put in a new exhaust, turbo, and various other upgrades. My insurance Jumped. So I can’t imagine what a 370Z would cost for a teenager.

Jenna is a complete idiot. First off, the FR-S is nothing like the TC. It is a work from the ground up. Second, the TC is awful. Third, these are two entirely different cars. The FR-S is a work with Subaru, and the 370 is from Nissan. You need to test drive each car and see what you like. Personally, I suggest the 370Z.

Unless your parents are loaded or have extremely good credit…or you have a good amount of money in a savings account, you are in no position to buy that car.

Insurance for that would outrageous for a new driver, on top of the car payments.

You are better off getting a used car to learn how to drive on. An older G35 coupe would be somewhat more reasonably priced for a new driver.

get the newer 09 or 2010 maxima it would be the same price but you’ll have more room, better fuel economy, and insurance would be alot less.

umm u cud do like what everyone is saying but get a used not new cuz by 2010 they shud b cheap i think if u get one with enough miles on her.

answer mine

Beg your mommy or daddy for one or sell cookies door to door and earn the money.

get a 350 z much better looking and cheaper

ha when you find a way tell me, cause IM trying to buy one lol


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