How bad are the GOP candidates if Donald Trump is actually being considered for the presidency?

bwah…exactly! What a tool.

Donald Trump
Sarah Palin
Newt Gingrich…

The list of Democrat’s candidates for RNC nomination just keeps growing and growing and growing and growing. Kind of like the deficit.

If you really want jobs and true recovery, and not government doing and providing everything… A business man would be an excellent choice. I love Trump’s take on fair trade, vs free trade.

They are horrible. And yes, Trump is preferred to the loons that are currently on the list of GOP choices.

How bad is obama that Trump would actually give him a run.

If YOU are considering him that is your problem. The fact is that he is not a serious contender. Someone threw out his name and the Donald’s ego is so big that he decided to play off of it.

there’s a community center kickball coach somewhere in chicago who needs a job

The sanctity of marriage in basic terms exists whilst 2 adult adult males desire to get married. Straights have executed an spectacular job sh!tting everywhere in the &quot:sanctity&quot: of marriage for generations. it is in basic terms a knee jerk &quot:EWWWWW&quot: reaction to desire to &quot:look after the sanctity of marriage.&quot:

What is in the Donald’s mind has nothing to do with the field of candidates which have not yet formed.

He has monetary reasons to do it, he will probably make another TV show or write a book

What’s your excuse for Obama? As much as I dislike Donald Trump (I’d never vote for him), he still understands more about the economy (and probably foreign matters) than Obama.

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