Honda Civc/Accord, Saturn, OR Ford Taurus?

So, I am a new driver, and looking to buy my first car. I have experience driving a ford taurus, and I loved driving it, and I love how small it is. I am looking to buy a car on the smaller size.

However, I am looking for a car that will last a long time without too much upkeep, and I can’t decide which of the three it is. I have heard great things about all these cars.

Please help??

If you are looking for choices within this group look at the Honda’s. Compared to the Ford and Saturn, the Honda has a better reliability and endurance record. Either the Civic or a Accord will generally out last any late model Taurus, and most definitely the Saturn. Ton of good Honda’s on the used car market. Take your time and find one that has been serviced properly and maintained well. Good luck!

i would go with a Honda. they are really good cars and go forever. they also have little upkeep if you take care of them.

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