Do you really think the disasters happening over the last few years are because of global warming?

Where is the proof? All this stuff has happened before. Hurricane Katrina flooding New Orleans that bad was because the levees were not large enough. The giant wave after an earthquake in Thailand. The upcoming hurricane season is supposed to be a big one. And supposedly the ice age was supposed to happen in the 80s my father said. Did that ever happen? No. I’ve even heard recent tornodos being blamed on global warming.

According to some environmentalists, global warming may not be responsible for the natural disasters, but it makes them potent. In any case, global warming should be controlled and we cannot continue abusing our environment.

probably not, definitely maybe.

the disasters themselves probably would have still occurred, but global warming might have made them more severe.

katrina was winding down when it reached the coast of Florida.. when it crossed the warm waters of the gulf of mexico it got stronger before hitting new orleans.

this is normal but because of different technologies we are speeding up the process look at the world map in 20 years youll notice changes.

well everything is on a chain when the altra violet rays increase and make it hotter than there will be warmer winters and they will be shorter. but no one can really know.

No, read revelation in the bible. These events were predicted thousands of years ago.

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