Do American’s really want Hillary Clinton President in 2008?

This isn’t about Bush…

Do American’s want Hillary Clinton as their next President?

It’s looking more and more like
Americans do not want her elected.
After all, she didn’t do a very good job
the last time she was in the White House.

I am an American and I do not want Hillary Clinton to be my president in 2008 or any other year for that matter.


She dosen’t have enough support in the country even to get all of the democrats to vote for her. But I predict those arrogant Democrats will nominate her anyway, and I am happy because she is unelectable and will lose to almost any opponent for president. Look at this topic, from the look of it many Americans aren’t even comfortable with a WOMAN president (I am, but I think it is not possible politically right now) let alone a hard left liberal.

I think Hillary would make a fine president, she is a strong, intelligent woman that is not afraid to stand up for what is right. She would have an excellent adviser in her husband. The last legally elected president, and the most successful in over 40 years at running the business of the country.

I think they do, in theory, but this society is so patriarchal that even the redneck conservative males (and no, I’m not referring to ALL conservatives there) would sooner vote for a candidate in an ethnic minority than for a woman. Men will bond together, regardless of racism or any other bigotry category to prevent a woman from becoming commander in chief. Honestly, a man like Barak Obama has a much better chance of becoming President at this stage than Hilary does, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, though.

oh god no!!!!!!!
she is a liberal crack pot.
she would have no control over spending.
she would be giving money away like crazy.
you think we are spending money now. she will fund every crazk pot idea in the world.

not to mention she flip flops on every issue.

but actually Elizabeth Dole would be a great president.

Elizabeth Hanford Dole has had a long career in public service. She has served in significant positions for five presidents, including being the first woman to hold the position of Secretary of Transportation. In 1991 Dole was appointed President of the American Red Cross, the world’s foremost humanitarian organization.

Dole graduated with distinction from Duke University in 1958. She earned a degree from Harvard Law School in 1965 and also holds a master’s degree in education and government from Harvard. In 1971, Dole was appointed Deputy Assistant to President Nixon for Consumer Affairs, for which she received the National Safety Council’s Distinguished Service Award in 1989. From 1973 to 1979, she was a member of the Federal Trade Commission.

As President of the American Red Cross from 1991-1999, Dole helped launch a sweeping transformation of the Red Cross Biomedical Services to incorporate medical technology to improve how the agency collects, tests and distributes more than one-half of the nation’s blood supply. She led a dramatically successful effort that raised more than $562 million to assist victims of weather and non-weather related disasters. Under her leadership, the American Red Cross was consistently recognized for outstanding financial stewardship.

Dole, who has been named by the Gallup Poll as one of the world’s most admired women, has received numerous awards for her public service and leadership, including the Women Executives in State Government Lifetime Achievement Award, the League of Women Voters Leadership Award and the Raoul Wallenberg Award for Humanitarian Service. She also was inducted in to the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1995.

There is NO woman who would be better at being president. Period!

Hillary Clinton for President is a Republican idea, promoted by their media flacks and right wing radio and Fox news.

No. The reasons being:

– anti-war activists resent her support for the war

– feminst resent that she stood with her unfaithful husband.

– Rebuplicans resent her being a member of the Democratic party

– conservatives, including conservative women, resent her views on family, abortion, marriage, etc…

– men resent her feminist agenda

I can’t speak for anyone but myself…I feel the time is right for a woman but not THIS woman! There is NO way I would vote for this woman as dogcatcher let alone president.

Most don’t…..the feminists and extremely liberal might, but not the majority. She does all that work for other countries and does little for her own. I am all for sending her to those countries so that she could be president of THEM. X)

-However, she has a slight chance of winning if she plays the &quot:Vote- for -me -because -I’m – a-woman- and-can -help -you -all -with -my -womanly- womanness- powers- and- if- you-don’t- vote- for- me-you- are- a- sexist-WOMEN!&quot: card.

No way! We already had her husband as president. Like we need another president from that twisted politcal family.

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