Did Sara Palin cause McCain the election?

You have to admit, the choice of her as VP candidate was a bad one.

She was an insult and McCain’s campaign managers, advisors, stategists, and so on caused him to loose, because he was clearly going off of what someone else was telling him. McCain is not a bad guy and he started off sincere but choked when he saw that Obama was real competition and it went down hill from there.

John McCain could have chosen a different candidate for VP, but I do not think that Sarah Palin was the reason. I think the biggest reason John McCain lost was because people did not want another George Bush in office, and that is what they saw with John McCain. I think Gov. Palin was a good candidate for the job, she had a lot of experience, more than Barrack Obama has.

Not totally. True the woman had no sense to keep her mouth closed and just blabbed before really thinking about what she was going to say, but McCain on the other hand did not say &quot:one&quot: thing as to what he would do differently than the Bush Administration. He couldn’t because barely a week before the crash he stated to the public that the fundamentals of the Bush economics were very strong. The only thing that McCain would do was to run Obama down and then let Palin run a campaign on calling Obama a terrorist.

Let’s face it, they both ran a very bad campaign and said nothing that the people really wanted to hear, which was what about our economy, what about this war, what about the corrupt Corporations.

It was a great pleasure to see the tears falling down Palin’s face during McCain’s concession speech.

I think that Governor Palin was a definite factor. She seems to be all sparkle, but no real substance.

It would have been difficult for ANY Republican candidate to win this year. After 8 years of the disaster that has been President Bush, Americans are tired &amp: ready for some kind of change.

Look at where the US is with the economy, the war in Iraq, health care, the largest federal deficits in history, the loss of many civil liberties (illegal phone taps, etc) &amp: can anyone honestly say the country is in better shape than it was 8 years ago?

The election is over, now is the time to move forward.

Yes, most definitely. Instead of trying to unify the country and gain the respect of independent voters like Obama did, she seemed to try and isolate herself and stirred up massive amounts of hatred among the right-wingers at her rallies and scared many people who would have otherwise voted for McCain. She angered a lot of people when she spoke about &quot:pro-America&quot: parts of the country, which insulted people who lived in larger cities and in the northern states. She did nothing to convince Americans that she was a good choice, and never said what she actually stood for and wanted to change, instead choosing to smear the &quot:liberals&quot: every time she opened her mouth. She tried to convince everyone that she wanted to cut out spending in Washington and she was a normal &quot:Joe six pack&quot: American, but didn’t hesitate to spend $150,000 on clothing or spending $21,000 of Alaskan taxpayer money to fly her children around, or abusing her power to fire people in Alaska… she was a walking contradiction, and it was unbelievable to think she would be any different than any other politician.

McCain made a massive mistake thinking he could sway Clinton supporters by choosing Palin. Most Clinton supporters were smart enough to realize that Palin was the polar opposite of everything that Hillary stood for. The race would have been much closer had McCain chosen a more experienced and moderate running mate.

I don’t know if it was McCain’s age, Palin’s cluelessness, or Bush’s belly-flops which caused the Republican’s to lose. All were certainly factors. The economy is bad and the war is unpopular. People are desperate and Obama was convincing. Add to that, Obama’s smooth delivery. Young people, African Americans, and blue collar workers were vulnerable. Nevertheless…we must rally behind our &quot:President-Elect&quot: and plan for 2012. Without Palin, please.

His choice of Palin ‘cost’ him the election in the sense that it was a prime example of his poor choices about the economy, the war, running a negative campaign and choosing a clueless right wing nut to scare the bejeesus out of everyone, considering his age.

Not that I expect McCain to drop dead in the next four years – I wish him a long and healthy life. But when considering the person who will be one heartbeat away from the presidency, Sarah Palin was too awful to consider.

I realize i’m trying to explain to people politics that only know what they know from 30 second sound bites and talking heads.But people do not Vote for or against a vice president period. As far as Sarah Palin goes she in some ways was better qualified than Obama but that is for another day.True she was disliked by Elitist but then again Elitist do not seem to like people they consider conservative.McCain lost because he was not Popular with Conservatives and this is why the Republicans tried not so hard to sell McCain but to give Conservatives some one to vote against by making Obama to appear to be a Socialist which i believe he is but then again the Democrat party is Socialist any more and if you doubt me just go listen to one of there Senators or maybe he’s a congress man named Jim Mora who talks about how Republicans believe the Rich should be able to keep there wealth. As for me in case you need to know i Voted for Bob Barr for president.

I think she played a key role in his loss, but I do not think she was the total reason. I think the main reason he lost was his response to the Wall Street meltdown, second, he was too closely associated and tied with George Bush and his policies, the comments he made that he voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time was devastating, but, there were those who were still willing to vote for him but did not do so because they felt that Sarah Palin was too unqualified and they were afraid that if he were to die she was not ready for the job and all of the evidence that we have received seems to prove that assertion.

Yes, with her inappropriate behavior. She turned off women, professional women more than ever. As we struggle against any type of sexism in the work place, she was winking, which seemed flirtatious. Then she had nothing to bring to the table except lies and smear. And she was worse than McCain. McCain struggled with it, so she took the reins and ran with it. I have totally no respect for her and hope I never see her or hear her voice again.

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