CNN says gas may inch close to $5 a gallon. Is Obama driving up prices for his oil buddies?

…or does that accusation only work when a Republican is in office?

Yes, Obama is using the gas price dial that Bush had installed in order to single handedly control the price of oil. It’s next to the hurricane machine.

Actually it’s the oil companies that are driving up gas prices by exporting 900,000 barrels per week of finished petroleum. They’re doing that to drive supply levels down and bid up futures prices.

Gas has done the same thing during the Bush administration, which just like then, is not the president’s fault. Those that blamed Bush for high gas are just as dumb as those that blame Obama.

That’s possible. However, driving up the gas prices will also be a negative for the gas/oil industry because people will need to use public transportation and stop driving until the prices are lowered.

What do gas prices have to do with either bush or Obama being in office. Oil companies charge according to the whims of the market and ebbing supply.

The accusation doesn’t work no matter WHO is in office; the same Wall Street speculators who helped tank the economy are at it again. Get a clue before you rant.

Oil prices have been hovering around $100 dollars a barrel for months and gas has been slowly creeping up to $3.50 a gallon

Could it possibly be that oil companies are artificially raising gas prices to recoup the loss of revenue due to the lowering of demand and oversupply of oil in America in order to keep their bonuses high and their CEOs happy?

Or is it financial blackmail in order to trick Americans into demanding another unnecessary pipeline to add to the thousands we already have?

Either way, the oil companies keep their tax breaks and subsides. Win/win

Or does that argument make too much sense for the average conservative to understand?

the only difference between national democratic and republican politicians is which rich masters they serve more. both parties support big oil but maybe republican politicians a little more.

Iran is threatening to stop sending oil to countries that boycott them, is driving up the prices, both Republicans and democrats are pushing for sanctions on Iran. A true bipartisan effort.

Later this year, when Israel bombs Iran, they will be fighting over each other who supports Israel more.

Oh that’s right the USA is exporting gasoline. Go figure. But then there are 7 billion peeps on the planet with 2 billion more in the next 40 years when there was only a billion in 1900. Get your heads out of the space behind your anal spinchter smart “conservative” guys. LOL at your stupidity.

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