10 free points anyonee???

if you could be anyone for a whole week(famous person) who would u be.

After you answer this question go to my second open question after this one.(it’s also a 10 free points question!)

Hmm, Queen Elisabeth

I would wanna be Angelina Jolie
I wanna know what it feels like to carry a set of twins while taking care of 4 other little ones at the same time… I know shes famous and loaded with money but there has to be some type of stress involved and ive never heard anything about her getting a nanny to help out

Take your pick, 1) Chav/Gangsta or Skater/Surfer 2) American or European 3) Figure Skating 4) Winter 5) Guitar 6) Heavy Metal 7) Lamborghini 8) SUV 9) Football 10) Land

Bill Gates or any other rich person, send a truckload of money to my family’s house as well as the best of Microsoft technology, then play out the rest of the week as best I can, then when I’m myself again I have loads of money and a super computer for gaming.


Manon RГ©haume

Mariah Carey

I would want to be the most athletic female in the world, and of course, a famous athletic female.
I would have the physique of a goddess, and because of such toneage I would love to try all those gymastic tricks that some ladies do. I’d spend all her money and eat like a pig, because who cares? I’m super athletic and toned! 🙂

Other than that, I’d like to be….Devon Aoki?

Lauren Conrad

Tiffany Evans

Jessie Mccartney!

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