How would you describe Donald Trump’s haircut?

Here’s my take : It looks like he walked face first into a blizzard and the ‘ snow ‘ drifted out over his forehead and just kinda froze there .

Your take, please ?

Your description made me laugh. It does look like that.

The Donald has the money to cover his baldness with any choice out there. He chooses the cheapest &amp: in my opinion least attractive. (Although a bad toupee can be worse than a comb-over.)

This is a conscious decision on his part. I think he actually likes that it is outrageous, is a conversation piece and gives him a signature look.

It’s a comb over. He is trying to hide his baldness.

Is he actually too cheap to pay for hair plugs?

A yellow swirl.

His hair &quot:style&quot:? Adequate!

I would like to know what he pays to have his hair made up they way it is.

I’m beginning to think it’s the shape of his head that is the problem, not the hair that is on top. Maybe that’s what huge ego does to ones skull.

Dead cat lying on top of a rubbish pile.

Sounds like something a cat or dog threw up. Sorry but that’s what it looks like.

One of the funnest things ever,this is a smart business man who cannot look in his mirror and see how stupid he looks!

Unique. My guess is that he fears going bald.

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