How does gay marriage threaten straight marriage?

I have heard the argument that by banning gay marriage they are protecting straight marriage. Please explain how a gay marriage ban protect traditional American marriage.

Please give me a logical cohesive answer, rather than rhetoric if possible.

It gives off &quot:gay-waves&quot: which actually breaks down regular marriages for radius of 10,000 miles or the size of your state.

Clearly, that is the only explanation for our absurdly high divorce rate.

Because blaming people who can’t get married for destroying marriage makes perfect sense if you’re looking for someone to blame.

it doesn’t, not at all. the only consequence of gay marriage is gay people getting married.

how would that affect straight marriage?….unless one of the spouses is having a gay relationship….that happens.

Because the &quot:straight&quot: people who feel threatened by it are actually a little gay themselves and are worried that all their friends might find out. Little do they know, the friends have probably already checked them out in the locker room……

morganie said it all

well two penises ARE more powerful than one

It threatens the sanctity of our 50% divorce rate and our 24 hour marriages, duh.

They may be happier?

How does polygamy threaten monogomous marriage?


Child brides?

Marrying canines?

All of these are illegal forms of &quot:marriage&quot: as is homosexual marriage. Marriage is the union of one man and one woman for one lifetime.

It weakens the definition of the family unit.

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