Never say never….do you agree with that statement?

On some subjects, but on other subjects no. With somethings, like, I’ll NEVER take meth, I agree. But like, I’ll NEVER marry him, no I don’t agree because we can’t see into the future, we don’t know.

Yes, I agree♥

Yes, I completely agree.

yes i agree 100%


ehh.. Never… thats why my marriage vows didnt say until death do you part. We said until the end of time.

Cause.. end of time.. will it ever happen? hummm

Yes, because as soon as you say &quot:I’ll never….&quot: that’s the next thing you do!

No, because you would then have to change your Screen Name.. (Even though technically you aren’t saying it.. 😛 but ya know..)

i do agree with it but i have trouble following it.

It’s tempting fate to make that remark.

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