if the religious right managed to get a law passed that allowed stoning gays on religious grounds?

and your church was all for it
every christian church agreed its in the bible
gays deserved death
the pope himself was seen picking up a brick in anticipation
would you join in the stoning
or would you go against your faith,and join the ungodly ones trying to stop the carnage
its hypothetical i know.but has basis in other countries that used to be moderate and now are run by fundamentalists

This would and could never happen in the U.S. under our current Constitution.

Not only is the Catholic Church is against the death penalty but she believes there is nothing sinful about being homosexual. But all unmarried people (homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual) are called to celibacy.

Created in the image of the one God and equally endowed with rational souls, all men have the same nature and the same origin. Redeemed by the sacrifice of Christ, all are called to participate in the same divine beatitude: all therefore enjoy an equal dignity.

The Church specifically says that homosexuals &quot:must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.&quot:

Official Church documents:
+ &quot:Always Our Children: A Pastoral Message to Parents of Homosexual Children and Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers&quot:
+ &quot:On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons&quot: http://www.newadvent.org/library/docs_df…

For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 2357-2359: http://www.usccb.org/catechism/text/pt3s…

With love in Christ.

Are you aware that most of the states in the United States have THE LAW that Sodomy is punishable by death?
Check it out !
Goes way back in the history and laws . Because of the modern society and the political value to have this as an issue is purely for the vote. As well as abortion as an issue.
Killing the unborn is a selfish , self centered and thoughtless act upon the life that can not speak for itself.
Granted some were for the cause of rape, yet the life of the child need not suffer for the sin of the father.Rape should be punishable by death as is the life of the unborn child it caused to be created.
Justice is now in the hands of the governing bodies who run this country, rather than the people.
Because people do not want to think about these issues, and want the government to take care of it , and then it is not in their faces to deal with.

listed here are some issues to characteristic to this: one, the bill additionally delivers existence in penal complex for one gay act. The bill proposes that any citizen who would not checklist a suspected gay may well be imprisoned for 3 years. Scott energetic, Don Schmierer and Caleb Lee Brundidge, 3 American Evangelicals, all of whom are observed for their anti-gay and &quot:gay may well be cured&quot: stances held a convention in Uganda that stimulated the legislations. while asked approximately it, Schmierer and Brundidge suggested they did no longer help the dying penalty (yet possibly have not got any subject with existence in penal complex) and energetic gave a protracted explaination of why they Ugandans felt this grew to become into needed. Nor has Rick Warren, who has close ties with Ugandan ministers, denounced the degree. added, David Bahati, author of the bill, is a pal contributors, a similar C highway team that consists of Senator John Ensign, Senator Sam Brownback, Senator Jim de Mint, and others. For extra info, see my article, Kill a Queer for Jesus.

If I felt in my heart that it was wrong (which I do), I would stand against society. But that’s not wrong–it’s prophetic, and something that should (but often isn’t) at the core of the Christian faith. Christ was a prophet and he sided with the underdogs–the people on the margins of society. He condemned those who adhered so closely to the law that they failed to practice Christian love. So I’d simply be living into my faith by standing against the evils practiced against gays.

My faith has nothing to do with church..it’s personal, between me and God. Religion is a man-made thing. Faith is not. Jesus said &quot: judge not, that you be not judged, for with the measure (of mercy) that you mete, so shall it be meted unto you.&quot: And He also said to the men who wanted to stone a woman for adultery, &quot:let he that is without sin cast the first stone.&quot: So no, if every Christian church said it was ok, I wouldn’t be part of it. That’s not going against my faith, that’s standing for Truth.

What a fun filled event that would be. Do you think they would charge admission or a fee to participate? Hopefully it would be free so all could have fun and also film it for a great comedy show! Oh quit it, ou“`ch stop thaat ! It would be hours and hours of laughing yourself to tears.

no this is wrong –

jesus taught us that God was a forgiving god – provided we repented for our sins – the exapmple is in teh stoning of the adulterous woman – he said the first to cast the stone should be without sin and they did not stone here – instead he looked at ehre and said go – and sin no-more and she was cleansed.

only people who have never sinned can judge what they dont know –

You have much venom in you as well as a vivid and twisted imagination.
Nobody asks for stoning gays.
You are the only bigot talking about it.
Christians stone nobody.
You are the one full of hate.

This will never, EVER happen. Buuut.

Actually I would. Although I would probably be with the group of atheists stoning the Christians stoning the homosexual…

No Abrahamic faith (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) orders death to gay people for being gay. The only time stoning appears for that subject is when two men have anal sex. Anal sex between men does not necessarily make them gay, bi or straight and there is no penalty for people who simply identify as gay.

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