Whose your favorite Bible person?

My #1 is FOR sure, Jesus.

I love reading the bible and finding out new things. It’s a book FULL of treasures. If your looking for them.

(i would appreciate it if the people who feel the need to comment something mean, would go to another question and say it over there! 🙂

Lots wife who was turned into a pillar of salt.
Then Lot made off with his daughters.
Dirty old man, incest was so rampant in the Bible, it’s ridiculous…

Jesus always then
Ruth, Naomi, Rebecca, Tabitha, Paul, Timothy, John and Peter.

Jesus the Christ, my Lord, my God, my King

St Paul
St John the Apostle

St John the Baptist

St Peter

Blessed Mother Mary

and many others…

considering Jesus, Yes, He is the most important but,
i liked Elijah the most
and Enoch has a very powerful story in the LDS church, which the bible doesnt tell.

from your List, I would choose abraham over daved and Paul

The Prophet Jeremiah/the weeping Prophet, he confirmed plenty faith in God whilst dwelling interior the main mandatory era of Judah’s existence as a kingdom. He begged his human beings to instruct to God till now it replaced into too previous due. He observed the destruction of Jerusalem and the holy Temple. Jeremiah witnessed the fall of the Assyrian Empire and the dying of King Josiah.

From the list David and Sarah



Tom Sawyer!

Besides Jesus, I’m a Paul guy. And I like Jacob, for whom I named my son.

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